No Arts For Trying

Dear Rad Blog,   When I was about 6 or 7 years old, we had this thing in school called rotation time or something. I might have made that up, but I remember there were certain sections in the classroom and we'd rotate every hour or so. Maybe it was less. Maybe it was more. … Continue reading No Arts For Trying


29th And It Feels Like Spring

Rad Blog.   The daily prompt today is not one I wish to write extensively about since I don't care for Murphy's Law. I'll touch briefly on it.   Back before the days of The War, I was feeling up to my name. I was Chas Rad and I was very much rad. The people … Continue reading 29th And It Feels Like Spring

Hopefully The Last Time I Have To Post This

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Powerful Suggestion."   Hey Rad Blog.   Still don't know why the editor is blue with white text. It happens on the "new" editor too. Oh well. No worries. Oh yeah, I added the Hotline Miami skyline. I think it looks pretty rad.   Anyway, prompt writing! … Continue reading Hopefully The Last Time I Have To Post This

‘Cause You Know What’s Good

Yo   I felt like writing something right now, yo. Stuff on my mind. Tonight I'm listening to Sleigh Bells after playing a bit of Saints Row the Third. So, if you don't know, Steam has these in-game trading cards. Who has ever heard such a thing? Well, it is kinda cool. Apparently people can … Continue reading ‘Cause You Know What’s Good