MNA: Learning The Art Of Contradiction

I've been meaning to get a personal post out but the last thing I feel like doing after work is feel obligated to write something.  So what do I do? I write here before bed while this cat meows at my door. Little brat. I've been thinking a lot about me as a person. My … Continue reading MNA: Learning The Art Of Contradiction


Another 15 Min Boogie

Since the last one went so well (I think), let's do it again because I gotta go in 15 mins (not 20 this time). I can't be bothered by writing out "minuets" because I always feel like I'm writing about dancing. So I got my new jam going on, which is not really new but … Continue reading Another 15 Min Boogie

Ding Dong, The Duke Is Dead!

Maybe click to get bigger. I have done it! I finally beat the big boss, Lord Vanaduke, on Spiral Knights BY MYSELF! I didn't do it the fancy way. I did it MY way. Callahan. 1 Damage Boost Trinket. Full Nameless. Argent Peacemaker.

Check It! More Jumping and More Sharks!

Yo, I haven't blogged in a while but (I can't believe I'm gonna use this term) in order to get the You know what? I hate that term. I'm gonna say in order to get started. That term is used by old men that know nothing about plagiarism. I'm gonna do one of these jumping shark things … Continue reading Check It! More Jumping and More Sharks!

2 Years of Rad Blogging

Hello! Happy new YEAR from the Rad Blog. Today marks the second year of life of this lovely blog. I started this blog one day at work....well I thought it was appropriate to write the second year's post at the same place. Granted, the room got revamped so I'm not in the exact same spot, but I'm … Continue reading 2 Years of Rad Blogging