Chas Rad’s First Look On Payday 2’s Hardcore Henry Heists

Rad Blog!   I made two new videos showing off both of the new heists.   You can check em out on YouTube or watch it here.  


New Video With Gil (The Man) Dem

Check it out! Gildem and I were doing a bunch of recording yesterday and I decided to make my own video. He did a bunch for his channel our some for our new-ish project. It is really his second channel, but I'm going to be a recurring guest.   Here's my new video, Rad Blog. … Continue reading New Video With Gil (The Man) Dem

Chasipus Rex

Rad Blog.     Today is a Friday. We, we, so excited.   I think I'd prefer it if the actual words were "oui, oui, so excited." It would make a little more sense in a senseless song. Do people still listen to her? What in the world is Rebeca Black up to these days? … Continue reading Chasipus Rex