“No Wine, No Dine”

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Ripped from the┬áHeadlines!." Rad Blog. Here's another story for you. The prompt says go to the news and pick a headline that is interesting then write a story based on it. Bing News is where I am and this is the most interesting title on the site. … Continue reading “No Wine, No Dine”


News Time, Snooze Time

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Connect the Dots." Rad Blog. These daily prompts really like bringing out my dead categories. Today's prompt says look for an uninteresting news story and write about how it connects to me. I can actually talk about news! Okay. I'm going on Bing News to find an … Continue reading News Time, Snooze Time

Sent To Siberia

Heyo Rad Blog-o.   So, I've been sent to Siberia today which means I'm gonna have absolutely nothing to do for the next 4 hours.   Let me explain Siberia for my readers.   Siberia is a place where everyone goes to enjoy free time. I'm pretty sure this is where people go to skip … Continue reading Sent To Siberia

Heart Bleeding News Thing From WordPress

I'm putting this under news and stuff because this kinda effects (or maybe even affects) most of the internet. WordPress came out and said some updates about Heart Bleed thing. Looks okay and wanted to inform all my WordPress using readers/followers/friends about it. I had some cool website that showed which sites were had it … Continue reading Heart Bleeding News Thing From WordPress