MNA: The Man In The Patch Jacket

The man in the patch jacket made a call Kept on telling me "No, that's not it at all." An unending Prufrock Sent me home with tabloids and shock jocks How am I supposed to take this when my mood hits its last stock? Life is just doing things you hate or don't rate to … Continue reading MNA: The Man In The Patch Jacket


The Haunting Of Ghost Falcon

Rad Blog,   I wrote this little story thing for Neoseeker's Paranormal Urban Legend contest. I'm sharing it here with you because that's what I do, man. Back in 2003, a little game called F-Zero GX came out in the United States featuring everyone's favourite racer/bounty hunter named Captain Falcon. The game itself is pretty … Continue reading The Haunting Of Ghost Falcon

The Rusty Doorknob

Rad Blog!   Daily prompt time. If this computer ever cooperates.... Mad Libs This prompt asked me to ask a friend or something for an article, an adjective, and a noun and use that as the title. I turned to my friends at Neoseeker for help. My friend uraniumoreo answered first. Anyone that answered after … Continue reading The Rusty Doorknob

“No Wine, No Dine”

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Ripped from the┬áHeadlines!." Rad Blog. Here's another story for you. The prompt says go to the news and pick a headline that is interesting then write a story based on it. Bing News is where I am and this is the most interesting title on the site. … Continue reading “No Wine, No Dine”