The Next Phase

Rad Blog!   So, I've been doing a ton of thinking and I just don't think I can let this moment pass me by any longer. The Rad BlogĀ is killing it on views and I think it is time to finally jump into WordPress' world of premium. I'm really just thinking about getting a domain … Continue reading The Next Phase


Introducing: Chas In Real Life

Hey Rad Blog...or should I say something else now that this isn't the Rad Blog anymore.   Look, here's a huge change. I've decided to separate all my personal posts from the Rad Blog and place them here on my new blog. This isn't really all that new, if you think about it. This is … Continue reading Introducing: Chas In Real Life

Mr. Chas: Mover Man

Rad Blog!   Look, I know I have been neglecting you, but that's because I'm a busy Chas. Thankfully, I think I'm going to be on a set schedule soon so hopefully you'll hear more from me.   I have a Drink Reaction all set up and ready too! I'll hopefully be doing it this … Continue reading Mr. Chas: Mover Man