About Chas Rad

I’m Chas Rad. I’m 20 something.


I started the Rad Blog out of having nothing better to do. I wrote about my thoughts and I continued on with it. I have always sorta liked writing, but I never want to make a career out of it.


Chas Rad may not be my “real” name but I’ve been him for a long time now so it might as well be my real identity.


I have a variety of things I like. I like taste testing drinks. I like playing video games. I like writing on this blog.


I have some downsides too, which I am not afraid to admit. I’m probably paranoid. If you read my personal posts, you’d think I’m suffering from crippling depression, but I don’t believe it. I think I just have low lows that I escalate.


This is the personal blog of Chas Rad and the Rad Blog. I’m trying to keep my personal life and my Drink Reaction life separated. I think it helps a lot with organization. I do want both the people looking for my personal stuff and my drink stuff to mix, but I also understand that it isn’t the case all the time. That’s why Chas In Real Life exists.