Why The Rads Cast Failed

I have been thinking lately about the subject of podcasts. I remember when they first hit the scene where people would download them from iTunes on their iPods. I think that’s how it got its name.



Anyway, podcasts are getting way more popular to my surprise. This younger generation really takes stock in debating and intellectual stuff. I guess I’m an outlier as I hate talking about intellectual stuff and I’d rather not debate anything. That’s besides the point.


The point I’m trying to make is that I used to do a sort of podcast thing in the early days of The Rad Blog with some friends, but it never caught on and it wasn’t very good. I have come up with reasons why it failed and maybe you podcast aspirants can take a note from me.



1: It Was Boring

Yeah. It is as simple as that. The podcast was like 1 to 2 hours long. We had a format which was good, but it was mostly just me rambling about it and my co-hosts just going “Yeah” or reacting to my bad jokes. 2 hours is a long, long time and I have way better things to do than hear about news I could have read myself. In one episode, we read scripts to some Spanish drama. Really? I thought that was a good idea?


2: No One Cared

Originally, the cast was pretty good and had participation, but about the 4th show, friends started doing other things like playing League of Legends while we were doing this show. It isn’t a bad thing, per se, but it became a distraction sometimes. In the even later episodes, no one even showed up but me sometimes and I just did the show alone. Heck, one of the other guys was still at work while recording and we’d get all that background audio from his job.


3: I Uploaded It To Blip

During that time I had a grudge against YouTube for whatever reason (take your pick actually) and went to its competitor, Blip TV. Who the heck uses Blip TV? Bugger all. Blip is so anti-user that it even took down our channel because it didn’t get enough views to justify its existence. Even if I wanted to re-upload all the Rads Cast episodes, I couldn’t because Blip hosted the majority of them and I can’t access it anymore. Don’t use some obscure website unless you’re popular enough that it doesn’t matter.


4: There’s Thousands of Better Shows

In my podcast time, there was probably way better shows out there. Why bother wasting 2 hours listening to me when you could listen to, I don’t know, someone like popular. We had crap audio quality and no entertaining visuals. Visuals aren’t really a huge factor, but still. It wouldn’t have hurt.


5: My Timing Was Bad

Right now, podcasts are only gaining in popularity. I was trying to do one during the peak of YouTube’s popularity and the rise of Twitch. No one really cared too much about podcasts the way they do now. Still, podcasts might not be completely mainstream, but they are getting there.



So, that’s really it. The Rads Cast was terrible and I probably won’t ever do something like that again. I’m featured on Gildem’s Gil Cast, but I’m just a guest rather than a host.


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