What To Know About My Stardew Valley Streams

Hey all,



I just wanted to write this out as a way to get everyone up to speed on my current streams of Stardew Valley. You can check out my steams here.

I stream….whenever I feel like it really. Streams go on usually around 11 PM and I’ll stream to 1-1:30 AM EST.



What is Stardew Valley? It is a game on Steam (as well as a bunch of other consoles) where you play as a new farmer who moves to Pelican Town after receiving a nice house and farm land from your late grandfather. The game feels a lot like a Harvest Moon kind of game.



Anyway, let me tell you about my story so you know what’s happening.




This is Cap and he lives on Rad Farm. He has a cat named Aleksei. Cap is essentially me in a way and Aleksei is nothing like my real cat. Aleksei is WAY more lazy.


Rad Farm is on the Riverland map. If you don’t know what that is, it means at the start of the game I picked the farm layout that gives your farm more fishing areas. You have a few little islands that limits the potential of farming for more areas to actually fish.


Cap is more of a fisherman than a farmer. I’m more of a fisherman than a farmer. My fishing level hit 10 (max) around Summer Year 1.


I have no animals on the farm at the moment, but we do have a coop and a silo. I built the silo and coop because I wanted to see if the beta was still bugged when trying to build it. It was not.


I bought the Joja Membership very early on in the game so there’s actually no Community Center. I know doing “bundles” is a very popular way to play the game, but I sided with Joja Mart and now buy all my town upgrades. Currently, we have all the upgrades except the bus repair. I buy almost all my seeds from Joja Mart.



Rad Farm is rather…lacking. I don’t really farm as much as other as I mostly go fishing or chat with the townspeople. The Greenhouse grows coffee and hops. It currently has blueberries and eggplant too, but I don’t know if I will keep them. I enjoy making jellies at the moment since I can’t make coffee or beer with my hops and beans yet.



My relationship with the townspeople is quite unique. While the game has its heart points, my personal view is what makes it more “me.”



Here’s how it breaks down:



  Alex- Cap’s first friend and the first to reach 8 hearts. I like him enough. I’ll sometimes go out of my way to find him, but more often than not I’ll just bump into him along my daily travels. Alex is into sports and I think that’s cool. I hope he goes pro one day.


 Elliot- Elliot is an enigma to me. He’s kind of cool, but also quite odd. Reminds me of the people I went to college with in the Litt department. I guess that suits him since he’s a writer. He also has a nice house.


Harvey- I almost never talk to him.


 Sam- He’s a great pal and I really like him. He’s romanceable, but I don’t think he’d make a great husband. I just like hanging out with the crew of him, Sebastian, and Abigail. Currently, his gifts are bugged which annoys me, but I still make an effort to chat with him every day.


 Sebastian- Probably the leading male for potential husband. I go visit him every morning after watering the crops. I like Sebastian and think his life is neat. He has a motorcycle and plays computer games. He also smokes which is kind of cool. Don’t smoke, kids.


Shane- Shane hates me. I don’t get it.



Abigail- I find her really, really odd, but kind of intriguing. She’s up in the ranks for potential wife. She likes to eat quartz for whatever reason. I don’t know how she does it. She was my gift giver on the first Winter Festival.


 Emily- She’s a bit of an odd one, but I like her enough. I can chat with her when I go to the pub, but I don’t really do much other than that.


Haley- Nope.


 Leah- AKA Degenerate. I will almost never call her by her real name. This all stems from the first Flower Dance where her rejection of me asking to dance was overly harsh. I’m 90% sure my reaction to that was an overreaction, but the name kind of stuck. Regardless, I still talk to her almost every day and give her gifts. I got her gift bug fixed too. She’s in my thoughts for potential wife.


Maru- I think I only talk to her when it is an event day.


Penny- I used to ignore her because I thought she was kind of boring, but she’s grown on me a lot recently. I don’t know what it is, but I like her enough to consider her as a potential wife.


Caroline- She was the last person I met in the game and I had no idea where to find her. I don’t really care about Caroline.


 Clint- I think Clint is a jerk.


Demetrius- He’s Sebastian’s step-father and I think he’s okay. Kind of an okay guy, but I wish him and Sebastian had a better relationship. He was my first “secret friend” for the Winter Festival.

Evelyn- She’s a nice old lady. Alex’s grandma. She better teach me how to bake cookies one day!


 George- I aspire to be George one day when I get old. He’s a cranky old man that has nothing nice to say about anything. It seems like the only thing he cares about is his wife, his grandson, and his television. I can dig that. These young kids need to learn from their elders!


 Gus- Overall good guy, but I hardly do anything with him.


 Jas- I hardly talk to her.


 Jodi- Sam’s mom. I talk to her when I see her, but I don’t really have an opinion on her.


 Kent- He just returned from war. I just started year 2 and don’t have an opinion on him yet. I called him Guile.


 Lewis- Shady old man, but somewhat nice. I don’t really talk to him either outside of events.


 Linus- Weird old man man who wants to live alone in a tent. I talk to him a lot since he lives close to Sebastian’s house. He also is a good chef.


 Marnie- I don’t talk to Marnie.


 Pam- She’s a drunk and Penny’s mom. She yelled at Penny when we were trying to clean the house.


 Pierre- I don’t buy his stuff. He’s also closed on Wednesdays which is annoying when I’m looking for Abigail. He’s all about the money, but overall I’m indifferent to him.


Robin- She’s Sebastian’s mom and I talk to her every day I go and visit Sebastian at home. I actually like her and think she’s cool. I find it cool that they have her as this sort of tough, but caring mom who is a good carpenter.


Vincent- I often call him Linus on accident because he looks like Linus from the Peanuts. I talk to him sometimes. It is usually when I’m looking for Penny or Sam. He’s usually just a few feet away and I’ll just say “Hey kid.”


Willy- Despite me being a big fishing guy, I don’t talk to him much. I do like Willy though. I want to surpass him in fishing one day.


 Wizard- The Wizard lives too far away from anything and doesn’t leave his house. I only talk to him if he has work for me. Other than that, he may as well not exist.



That’s really all you need to know about me. I fish a lot. I farm sometimes. My favorite crop is Bok Choy, with Coffee and Hops in a close second.



Oh yes! How can I forget! Every time I go to the beach to pick up shells and my crab pots, if I get both a Cockle and a Mussel, we play our unofficial theme song of “Cockles and Mussels”


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