7 Years Of Rad Blogging !?#$%

Rad Blog!


Wait, what’s with all the cobwebs here? Oh, sorry! Been neglecting the personal blog, but hey! I’ve been doing this blogging thing for 7 years?! What?!


I can’t really believe it myself if I’m honest. To think this blog started out while I was in college and now I’m here.


I think I’m gonna do things a little differently for this year’s Blog Birthday since the Rad Blog is no longer my personal blog. Last year, I started this blog to keep my Drink Reactions and personal post separate. I think it is best that way and I don’t really regret it.


I know I’ve been slacking here on the Real Life Blog and I’m sorry that I’m not really doing much here. It is just that Drink Reactions took on a life of their own. People are really digging it and I like writing them.



That said, I am really thankful for the Blog’s origins. If it wasn’t for me writing about nonsense and games, I wouldn’t have found a medium I enjoy writing about in the end. While I originally wanted to keep The Rad Blog open to anything, it eventually took on a topic. Was that intentional? I don’t think it was. I wasn’t really tying to find a topic. It sort of found me. I think that’s what a lot of people need to realize. You can’t really force these sort of things.


Come to think of it, finding my Queen falls under the same scope. I wasn’t really looking for someone and now I’m with someone I want to spend the rest of my life with today.


What I’m saying is that everything that turned out right for me was something I wasn’t trying to do. I repeat this quotation a lot but Don Juan in Hotline Miami said it best: “Some things work out best when you don’t try so hard.”


Maybe this word of advice will help me get a real job one day, eh? Heh.


Well, I’ll be honest here. The blog is one of the high points in my life. There’s a few things in my life I hold in high regard and this is one of them. It is something I actually have confidence about and that wasn’t always the case I think. I’ve worked pretty hard on this. My drink posts are just a product of me trying things. Like I said, I really found that I enjoyed writing about it. I didn’t know I would.


So, here’s my plan. Chas In Real Life will be here and probably be not so active. That’s okay. When I do have something on my mind, it will be posted here for sure. The Rad Blog will continue on with Drink Reactions. I have a nice layout there. Views there are quite good, but that’s always been secondary. Last year was the most viewed year in Rad Blog history. When 2016 was the highest year, I thought it couldn’t get much better than that. Then 2017 came and blew that 20k views out of the water with 40k. Will this year make history again? I’m not sure. I don’t know after a slow end of 2017 and a semi-slow January. It is picking up again, but like I said, views are secondary. I just wanna have good posts and drinks to write about here.


Let’s talk about stats briefly. I’m talking about Rad Blog stats since this is now a side project sort of thing.



Kenny is still in the top spot but hasn’t changed in comment number. I stay in second with a few more comments. New arrival and good friend Sword is here in third now, passing Gordon. Gordon moves to fourth with a few more comments. The rest are in the same spots, but we see Jenna is now no longer in the top commenters with the new arrival of Sword.


In my 6 years post, I show off how much year 6 beat year 5. Let’s do that again.


2016: 20,229

2017: 46,702


Doing the math that’s…. 26,473 views. That’s a lot.


Year 6, the difference was 21,590. While the difference isn’t that much, you have to take into account that Year 6 had 20K views. Year 7 had 40k views. I doubled the double.


I’m reading a bit of Year 6’s post. Guess I was sick. I’m not so sick today. That’s good!


I’m complaining about Spotify’s crappy ads. They haven’t gotten better and I’m too poor to buy premium so I gotta keep on slugging.


Reading my answered questions. Interest in cooking developed. That’s pretty cool. I’m still trying things. That Payday question is cool. I bet I didn’t see all the DLC getting bundled coming.


Jeeze, my town in AC hasn’t changed at all since then.


Well, I guess it is time to answer my questions!


Are you alive? Our yearly question continues.

Yes, obviously. Here I am!


I’m curious, did we beat last year’s best viewed year ever? I’m thinking it is gonna be close.

Yeah we did and it wasn’t even close, bayyybee!


Full-time yet?



Did we hit over 1000 hours on Payday 2? Probably, but then did we get the Death Wish mask yet?

I am currently sitting on 1378 hours with both the Death Wish and One Down mask. Was One Down not a thing yet? Well, by the time I re-visit this post, One Down is gonna be called something else.


Did you go back to modding on Neoseeker yet?

I did, and now I am gone again.


Did you decide to let your beard just grow out like you are doing right now?

Yeah. It doesn’t really get too glorious either. I trimmed it about a month ago, but it is coming back again.


How’s life in your second year on your own?

Quite fine. Money is always tight since things are expensive, but domestic life works well.


Did you ever get that dang futon yet?

Hah! Nope!


How’s golf going?

I failed to even golf once… I wanna get back into that.


What’s your posting like these days? Did this become a cooking blog?

That’s the biggest thing that’s changed. The Rad Blog is all about Drink Reactions now. I don’t do much of the personal stuff any more and that’s okay. No real cooking on this blog.


Last one, what are you jamming to these days? Doom, Dilla, Jonwayne, BBNG still?

I’ve been kind of burnt out by that, but I still have them. Currently, I’m listening to smooth jazz. It’s like BBNG a bit.




Well, I guess it is time for Year 8’s questions so…..





Are you alive? That’s our yearly question apparently.

Was this year really close to last year’s views?

Did you get a better job yet?

What’s One Down called now?

Did you decide to stay at the apartment?

Did Gronk overtake Snowberry?

What’s going on with Neoseeker and you?

Did you make coffee this morning?

Last one, did you 100% complete Payday’s achievements yet?



Here’s to another year! See you all in Year 8.


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