MNA: Is It Not Winning Or Is It Losing?

I know when I walk into work on Monday I’m going to hear the same old song and dance like “Oh Chas, did you research a business plan? Did you do anything we talked about at all?” The answer is going to be a big “No.” Then I’ll hear something along the lines of “You’re dropping the ball, man.”
You wanna know what I really did on my weekend? Okay. I worked the morning then I talked to the incompetent ISP support which ended up with them trying to sell me a package as well as sending a technician out on Sunday morning around 7 AM which is also my only day off and I like to sleep to maybe 10 that day. Then on Saturday I found myself at the mercy of work’s constant policy changes and the stupid children of tourists were out in force so that was taxing. Then I came home and did nothing all night because my mind was focused on not having a proper day off on Sunday. Then I got to bed at midnight only to be too uncomfortable to sleep but the suicidal thoughts rolled in and I was darn tempted to do something stupid but realized being dead is even more of a burden than being alive so I emptied the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen instead. Now it’s 1 AM and I’m writing about how worthless I feel in hopes it’ll ease my mind so I can sleep but the cat is meowing at the door because she’s a fatso and wants food. She’d probably be sleeping if I didn’t go out and clean the kitchen, but that sort of helped me think more rationally because the sink was full of dishes and the stove had sauce splatters on it and it was bugging me in the back of my mind.
I also hate this stupid touchscreen. They were created by the devil.
So yeah, I won’t say any of that on Monday. Nope. I’ll just shrug and get to work. 


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