MNA: Learning The Art Of Contradiction

I’ve been meaning to get a personal post out but the last thing I feel like doing after work is feel obligated to write something. 
So what do I do? I write here before bed while this cat meows at my door. Little brat.
I’ve been thinking a lot about me as a person. My old posts were a lot about feeling like a loser because I couldn’t get a job out of college and pretty much not understanding anything. I’ll go as far as to say it was a lot of whining. I mean, old people would think so anyway.
So, really I’m just playing the cards I get and they are a pretty crap hand. Could I have done things differently? For sure. I could have dropped out of college and got a job which would have been pretty smart. I could take the advise of everyone I hate and learn to be a self-starter and get a business that’ll fail. Yeah.
No, I’ve decided that both the older people and what my peers are doing is futile. It is stupid to think about a future that isn’t even established. Retirement? Who gives a toss? I’m not even 30. I got another 60 years to work. 

Nope my situation is terrible. I hate one job and the other is starting to take its toll. I want out of both and get one okay paying job with more hours. That’s the goal. Once I get there, boom. Done. I’ll stick through that job for the next 60 years. 
People call me lazy because I have no ambition but how do you fault a man who lives for the day? I got whims I like. I want a wheel for Euro Truck? I go get it. What? I don’t wanna have a family or buy a house makea me lazy? I don’t give a toss about stocks or retirement. It’s boring. It’s money, but it’s boring. 
I figure as long as I get by, I can do whatever I want. In the mean time, I’m gonna keep complaining that your kids are demons. It’s a bad job but someone has to do it. 
What’s the alternative? Suicide? Not gonna happen, I’m afraid. 
One last story before I go to bed. 

I got this guy I know. He tells me I gotta write to make a living when I don’t even live to write. It’s an interest for sure. I got lots of them but I’m not trying to turn it into cash because then it becomes work. Imagine I start trying to make money off The Rad Blog. Boom. Now I gotta worry about what the pictures look like or advertising deals or viewer retention. Holy Crapo! That’s work! You know what I like to do? Write posts at my freakin’ leisure because it’s fun. There’s a difference between work and fun. Anyone who says “find a career you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is full of themself. I suppose if the pay is good then that helps preserve that myth, but I doubt it. I look at professional athletes. Do they really like all that practice and high pressure game days? Do they really like seeing they are trending on Twitter because their team is at an all time low? At what point is an interest in a sport turn into “Well I gotta preform because I’ll be benched and I won’t get paid?”
I’d say the same goes for the professional party goer too. At what point do they say “Man, I get blasted every night. My body isn’t loving it. I should stay home, but I can’t because Bingo the Big Boss is out and if I don’t go to the club TMZ is gonna male a huge deal out of it.”
It’s all trivial. It just is. Keep what you love out of your work. Do what you love on the side because it’ll last longer. That’s just me. Maybe you can cut through that.


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