Mr 100 Rads

Rad Blog!


Just a small update on things.


Since the last year or so has mostly been drink post after drink post, I wanted to let people in on the more person side of me. There’s not much that I wanna share any more about me. I find my writing about not having a good job out of college is futile since there’s a million other people out there in the same situation. I feel a bit better about that I guess. My current job is something I’m liking too so there’s that.


So, what can you expect? More drink posts! I like to write them and it appears others like to read about them. This is going to become the most viewed year in Rad Blog history in the near future. We’re at 14,000 views right now. Last year was 20,000. IT took all of last year to hit 20,000 and I’m at 14,000 right now. It’s only May too! Thanks for checking this place out, people.


I’m also considering a domain name for this blog. It was always something on my mind, but with even more views coming, I think it might be a good idea to jump on that train. The WordPress free hosting is nice, so it’s really just something I’m considering.


Also, if anyone has any drinks they want me to write about, I’ll set up another page here for people who want to make suggestions. Most of the suggestions were from others personally, but others took place off this blog. One comment actually inspired me to pick up a drink without really suggesting it. The guy said something like “Oh, I really like the non-carbonated Rockstar drinks.” Well, guy. It’s coming soon-ish.


I updated the About Chas and the About The Rad Blog page too. Not too much added/cut, but I updated the links since Lady LiberTEA isn’t my most viewed post any more.


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