MNA: The Man In The Patch Jacket

The man in the patch jacket made a call

Kept on telling me “No, that’s not it at all.”

An unending Prufrock

Sent me home with tabloids and shock jocks

How am I supposed to take this when my mood hits its last stock?

Life is just doing things you hate or don’t rate to the Cape of “as of lates”

Maybe I should spend some time re-treking courses

Maybe I should hit the saddle to the west on pale horses

Maybe I should listen to walls when they tell me things end

Did you really think that we’d stay friends?

Sit in science to study the star’s astrology

I hear your Virgin’s candor is of high quality.

Then why’s a guy gotta sit in silence while in your cluttered commute?

Ignore ignoramus hospitality in hospitals.

What happened in the cut didn’t happen at all

And all I can see is the man in that jacket

Slapping on his knee making a racket

Waiting for me to fall.


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