6 Years Of Rad Blogging !?#$

Ker-POW Rad Blog!


6 years today! I am writing this at 1 AM on the Rad Blog’s birthday. This is quite the milestone in Rad Blog history because this is the first time I am writing one of these where I live on my own! I might not be as enthusiastic as last year, but I’m still very proud of how far along this blog has come over the years. To think, this started with me being bored at work and starting a blog because some guy said it was a good idea. Hey guy, I know who too, I’ve been at it for 6 years. You should totally buy me a root beer!


Year 5 Chas seemed quite happy with life. He was happy things were going his way, as he should be. He just help complete that really long move and was looking forward to the life I’m living now.


Year 6 is more of a “I think I’ll just write about drinks from now on if that’s okay. It sure is because it is my dang blog.”


Okay, sure. This has been my least productive year in terms of writing about my life. To tell the truth, I’m tried of me. What can I say? Nothing really. Nothing is going on besides I’m working very hard and trying my best to live on my own. No one wants to read that over and over again in different words. I don’t wanna write that a million times either. I got tired of wallowing in my unfortunates so I decided to do something more fun to me. Drink Reaction posts have been my thing. People are reading them every day and because of that, Year 5 to 6 was the most viewed year in Rad Blog history. This is all very good stuff!


Year 5 wanted a more comedic approach to things. Eh. I got lazy I guess. That’s not a big issue. I became more focused in Drink Reactions. Year 6 is probably going to be more of the same.


Stat time?! Okay!





Not much has changed, but Gordon jumps over Stitch for 3rd place. I made a few more comments too, but that’s mostly me approving my cross-references. No new faces.


Comments were like an all time low this year. If I’m taking the 75 from last year, I had only 27 this year. Currently we’re sitting at a lovely 0 comments so far! I wonder if that changes at all come next year’s post.


The best day ever has stayed the same since 2013. One day, maybe this year, it could change. 235 views in one day is a lot. Unless I say something completely stupid again, I don’t think I’ll be hitting that number for a while. However, I am constantly hitting fairly good views per day so I’m happy with that.


Last year I was at 989 posts. This year (excluding this post) I’m at 1,108. Not much more honestly, but at least I broke 1000!


Total views from last year was at a measly 33,385. Right now, I have 54,975. I jumped a lot from that. Was it bigger between this and last or last and the previous? Math time. Woo.


Last year to previous: 9,591

This year to last year: 21,590


Yeah, that beats that by a whole heck of a lot.


I just gotta thank all those people who have come here to either read my Drink Reaction posts or taking a look at what the cans or bottles look like or heck, even you bloggy type post fans. Thanks for reading people. Really cool of you to support me so much over these years. Of course I don’t make a dime off this blog, so really I’m just happy I was entertaining enough for people to actually give a piece of their time to read.


Kinda funny to see Year 5 Chas so happy to see a jump of almost 10k views. I bet seeing a jump of 21K views would have made him explode.


YouTube and I have had a fun battle over the years. I think it is just a dying website in terms of making money and all the content on there is so much “Like my stuff and subscribe.” Stupid, man. I don’t put a lot of videos up anymore because it isn’t my thing. I’ve been streaming a lot more. Euro Truck Sim 2 has been my go-to game. It’s a lot more chill on Twitch and I enjoy it more.


Come to think of it, I think Year 6 is the year everything really came together. I stopped doing things I hated and kept on doing things I liked. I don’t have enough time to be miserable anymore. I mean, sure, I’m miserable. This will never change, but I’ve learned to cope with it a lot better today than I had in the past. Things suck, but it isn’t worth my time complaining about how much they suck.


I’m reading along with Year 5’s questions and answers. Year 5 Chas was really happy that he got to go home to the Queen. Yeah, well, Year 5 Chas, she’s in the other room sleeping now because you and her are both sick. You’re sick together for your anniversary. That’s life, man. Hey! You’re actually in your own apartment now though!


Ah, she didn’t have a job yet from the questions. I’m happy she got one soon after writing that post.


Just a lot of questions on what would happen. I assume the same is gonna happen for this year too.


I wasn’t happy with having to switch to Spotify. I still resent it, but I’ve come to accept it. The adverts on Spotify play too many times between music. They also all suck and the Spotify ads for its own premium service are so geared towards millennials that it kills me.


Okay! Year 5 questions!


Are you alive? Just to get this one out of the way.

Yessir! Aye, I believe I will be living for many more years to come.


What’s your job looking like these days?

Just started a new one actually in the store room. We’re dealing with food these days which is something you’ve taken an interest to lately. Cooking is quite fun I’ve found when you live on your own.


Still playing Payday 2? What’s the latest DLC if you still follow it?

Heck yeah! Played it a few hours ago. We’re getting close to 1000 hours. The latest DLC is the John Wick Heists.


Did you find a place yet with the Queen?

Yep! We got our own apartment with our own little cat. I bet you didn’t see THAT coming!


Did she find a job?

Yep! She called out today because she was sick. She’s even full time too, much to your dismay. I’m kidding! I’m happy she’s full-time. It is a lot less stress that one of you is full-time. I actually don’t have any resentment at all. I was just joking about that “dismay” thing.


What new bands/artists are you listening to these days? I’ve been into MF DOOM, J Dilla, and Foxy Shazam.

Not much changed really. Added Jonwayne and BADBADNOTGOOD to that mix…minus Foxy Shazam. They didn’t really stick for me, though I still listen to a few of their tracks still. I don’t dislike them, I just didn’t get into them as much as Doom and Dilla.


How’s the Drink Reactions? Year 4 must have not done them yet or at least didn’t care as much as I do right now.

They’re pretty much our life here now on the Rad Blog. Tons of people come to see them. I haven’t written one in a while, but I have a few on deck. I’ve just been so busy that I just don’t feel like writing at the end of the day.


How’s your life on Neoseeker?

As bi-polar as ever. I’m in an upswing with the site at the moment.


Who are the current villagers in Rad City? Right now, starting with closest to your house, is Mitzi, Cherry, Grizzly, Barold, Pippy, Sparro, Freckles, Hippeux, Kid Cat, and Chester.

Deli, Butch, Cyrano, Olivia, Apollo, Grizzly, Pippy, Hippeux, Kid Cat, Boone.


What’s the most notable thing you did this year?

Probably moved into my own place. That move was crazy and took a lot out of you. Your parents and old pal Josh helped out a lot. I’m very thankful of their help.


Last one, I started going to a gym this year. Did you continue it?

That’s one big NOPE!



Well, time for my questions this year. It’s 2 AM, a time we know and love here on the Rad Blog. Don’t worry, I’m not sad. I’m quite normal right now.





Are you alive? Our yearly question continues.

I’m curious, did we beat last year’s best viewed year ever? I’m thinking it is gonna be close.

Full-time yet?

Did we hit over 1000 hours on Payday 2? Probably, but then did we get the Death Wish mask yet?

Did you go back to modding on Neoseeker yet?

Did you decide to let your beard just grow out like you are doing right now?

How’s life in your second year on your own?

Did you ever get that dang futon yet?

How’s golf going?

What’s your posting like these days? Did this become a cooking blog?

Last one, what are you jamming to these days? Doom, Dilla, Jonwayne, BBNG still?


All right! See you next year! Let’s hope it is just as fun as this year!







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