MNA: Vidya Gamez

Some guy in my Payday 2 game asked “Do you guys like video games?” I gave him a “Not really” because I figured he was fishing for a “yes” or something. 
This then made me think of a post that gets a few views here and there on The Rad Blog. I wrote something on why I probably don’t like video games at all. 
I know, I know. I play them a lot. Yes, but I don’t really care about them. I have almost 900 hours on Payday 2 at this point. Shouldn’t that say I like video games? Not at all. I like that certain game. I also like a few other certain games. 90% of the games I own aren’t beaten or don’t have the ability to be beaten because of their pick up and play nature. That’s exactly how I like my games. I don’t invest time into learning back story or discussing plot devices. I don’t care about that. 
It’s odd but as much as I’m in the video game scene, I really don’t “like” them as others do. 

Popular games that win all sorts of awards and whatnot have no effect on me.
Maybe I’m wasting my time on these games. Why do I bother wanting a game if I’m just going to sink another 100 hours into Payday? I think I should just stop caring about games from this point on and just play the ones I have.


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