The 2017 Post

Rad Blog!


2017 is here!


People hated 2016, but I gotta say that it was probably one of my better years personally and mentally. Anyway, I wanted to highlight a few things about the Rad Blog in 2016. WordPress didn’t send me their fancy year in review email like they did in the past! I guess I gotta do it myself. That’s okay.


Anyway, as I’ve said on Booker and Birdman, 2016 was the most viewed year in Rad Blog history! in 2015, I was excited in November when it was close to beating the previous most viewed year. Then 2016 came and demolished 2015 in like May. It beat the most viewed year in MAY! The final view count for 2016 was 20,229!


The top 5 posts of 2016, by view count were the following:

  1. Drink Reaction- Peace Tea Sno-Berry Tea: 2,188
  2. Drink Reaction NOS High Performance Energy Drink: 1,716
  3. Drink Reaction AriZona RX Stress: 1,294
  4. Drink Reaction Rockstar Cucumber Lime: 1,055
  5. Drink Reaction Goya Soursop or Guanábana Nectar or Néctar: 922

My most viewed post that I published that year was Drink Reaction Rockstar Cucumber Lime! It even made it to the top 5!


I had fewer comments this year. I only had 27 comments this year, but to be honest that isn’t surprising. I did mostly Drink Reactions last year while in 2015 I was actually doing bloggy things for Daily Post.


Likes went up slightly. I had 157 likes this year. I don’t really know what likes do, but I guess that’s good? I don’t really know.


The Rad Blog has 129 followers! That’s pretty neat. Thanks for following!


I posted fewer posts last year compared to 2015. I only posted 143 times.


For this year, I’m hoping I beat 2016 in views. I don’t know if I will, but I’ll hold out hope. I really should post more too. I should be aiming for 200 posts this year. I got pretty lazy in 2016. I like doing Drink Reaction posts so that’ll continue this year. I know as a blog I probably should strive for more comments too, but I’m honestly not too bothered by it. I should also want more followers, but I’m not going to force people to follow. The Rad Blog has always been about me and if others liked what they see and continue to read, then they’ll do so.


Anyway! Here’s to a good 2017 for blogging. I have at least 2 more Drink Reactions for you in the near future. See ya then unless I decide to get bloggy.


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