“I Just Needed Time Alone With My Own Thoughts”

Rad Blog.

Mixing Media is the WordPress Weekly Challenge thing. I’m a bit late, but whatever. It wants me to publish this post with an additional medium. What does that mean? Well, most of my bloggy stuff here is just words so this challenge urges me to either post a picture, video, or whatever. I have a picture ready. Yeah, yeah, maybe it is a cop out since I post tons of pictures for Drink Reactions, but this is one of my bloggy posts and those hardly ever have pictures.


Anyway, I’ve been having a rough few days mentally. I might not show it on the outside, but I wasn’t too happy with things. I haven’t written about problems in a while because I suppose I haven’t had any. Maybe I have and I just didn’t know.


Whatever the case is, I was in the middle of a ton of negativity. In this world, it is impossible to escape from negative thoughts. Everyone is so darn cynical about everything and nothing is ever good enough. Is that a lie? No it isn’t. I read a post by someone that says “we need to complain because it shows what we want.” I guess that’s true.


I guess I ask when is complain actually useful and when is it just overly negative hogwash that just brings a bad mood?


I suppose I have no right to think this way since no one is happy with anything. That was the last week’s challenge. It asked about why we want to be happy with ourselves or the world.


So, this brings me to what I have to say. I didn’t want to be near this. Sometimes the great debate is exhausting. Introverts need time to recharge. I’m no introvert. I just need time to get away from negativity. It doesn’t drain me like “Oh, I’m so tired. Too much interaction.” It drains me in a sense of “These people are a broken record and I’m not gonna listen to ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ for the 50th time.”


So, I just need some time alone, here mostly. In my apartment. In Euro Truck Simulator 2. Wherever it may be that’s away from people that feel the need to complain.


Maybe a beach near the end of October after all the tourist are gone. Yeah, that would be nice.



Don’t take this as me saying “people shouldn’t complain” because it isn’t. Even if I did feel that way, it is not my place to muffle free speech. what I am saying is that I don’t wanna deal with it right now so I’m stepping out and probably not going to come back into this fray for a while.


I’ve coped all right I suppose. I’m out of my funk that I was in for the past few days. I’m in the stage of “I’m ignoring everyone as I go on my merry way” right now.


So, why did I bother doing this challenge if I didn’t wanna hear from people? It isn’t that. It is more of a specific group. People here are fine. They are fairly happy with life doing parenting, cooking, or poetry. Whatever. Most of the time, people don’t even read the stuff I write here, and that’s fine too. I’ve always said this is a platform for me to feel better or just get things off my mind and that if people read it, then that’s great.


Anyway, I should get back into these bloggy posts. My drinks are running low and I don’t want the Rad Blog to go inactive.


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