RIP To The King

I found out last night after coming home from work that the legendary Arnold Palmer died. I’m pretty bummed about this, but when I look back on what he did I can tell he lived a long, fulfilling life.


I was not alive in his heyday, but I have really come to respect his impact on the sport of golf. He’s influenced so many people and basically popularized golf on television. Without him, we probably wouldn’t have the Golf Network.


Anyway, I’m probably one of the least qualified people to talk about his impact on the world, but I can tell you about his impact on me.


I remember one day I was in the grocery store and saw this drink by AriZona called Arnold Palmer. I was like “Who is that and what is this drink?” I bought it, tried it, and loved it. From that day forward, I would remember the name “Arnold Palmer.”


Later, I would learn about how great of a golfer he was and how he was basically the first TV sports celebrity. I was never really into golf before only really knowing names like Tiger Woods or Vijay Singh, but looking into the history and reading about Arnold Palmer made me more excited about the sport. My brother and I then decided that we wanted to get into golf together. He would try and learn tip and tricks from Phil Mickelson and I would watch old videos of Arnold Palmer at the Masters.


My brother and I are in no way the next big thing for golf, but golf is a relaxing sport. Yes, it can be competitive, but we really liked going to the driving range to improve our swing. What I can say is that I can thank Arnold Palmer for being an influence for me to get into the sport, and I’m sure thousands of others can say the same.


Rest in peace, Mr. Palmer. You lived a very good life.


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