The Chemical Properties Of 20-Something

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Zing! is the prompt today.


So, this is one of those one word prompts and at first I wasn’t even going to entertain this onomatopoeia prompt, but it got me thinking how I can flip this into a real post.


Well, maybe because I’m a youngin’ or on the cusp of it anyway that I thought of the movie Hotel Transylvania. If you haven’t seen it, the “zing” is like a monster cartoon version of “soul mate.”


I know what you’re thinking: “Ah Chas! You’re gonna write about your Queen! How sweet!”


Nope, that wasn’t really the plan, but I’ll include her because I suppose I’ll tie in anything zing-like in this post.


I was gonna talk about how yeah, zing with people. See who you love and who makes you feel like you can be completely you around them. That’s my Queen to me. I’m kind of a sad fella, but she gets to see my good side. That’s not because I just stop being sad around her. No. She just knows how to make everything suck less when she’s around. Anyway, more on her in a moment.


I was thinking more along the lines of passions in the work place. I’ve wrote about this a billion times. Not really. I only have 1000-some odd posts here, but it seems like a billion.


The thing is, I worked this summer with a bunch of 18 year old nothings who all knew what they wanted to do. They were all incoming college freshmen too. I mean, that’s fine. You wanna be an actuary? Good luck! I took a sample actuary test and failed the crap out of it.


I asked them “how did you come up with this major anyway?” A lot said “oh, I just think being (job) would be cool!” or “they make a lot of money.” I have no problem with the second reason. Making a lot of money is a very good thing. Money buys happiness, or rather it fills the void where life creates with its unforgiving everyday drone.


For me though, the first reason makes me think. Maybe I’m just cynical because my major was English and I only did it because it was easy. I found no enjoyment in it, but I suppose if so-and-so finds a lot of enjoyment in studying architecture then I guess that’s good for them?


That’s my problem. I don’t understand enjoyment in careers. I don’t have a “passion” where I want to make a career out of it. I was never that kid in school that said “one day, I’m gonna be an astronaut!” Nope. I’ve said it a lot before but in this one book for little kids, there was a page of “all” the careers in the world and I wanted to be a burglar. Maybe that was because it made my grandparents laugh and go “Oh no! You don’t wanna be that! You’ll go to jail!”


That not so serious outlook on careers has followed me for 25 years and I still don’t know what I’d love. I’m trying to convince myself that it isn’t as important as all these work bloggers make it out to be. It probably isn’t. I mean, if everyone could do what they love as a career, people would be paid to do absolutely nothing.


So, the “zing” in working seems like a lie people tell people in order to sell books about finding your passion in work. Maybe some people sincerely do have a passion in work. I mean, I knew a guy that only was studying medicine so he could return back to Sri Lanka and treat people. My one friend knew he wanted to be an engineer since her was like 7. Me, I just enjoyed to time I had in the now.


Maybe this is just me having problems with motivational speakers. I truly think I despise them. All of them are like “hard work will make you shoot to the stars and you will relax in Valhalla while eating mutton with Thor.” The heck is that crap? I bet I could write a book and people would quote me on that. Maybe I should write a motivational book ironically and see how many knuckleheads actually take it seriously.


Naw, I’m a good guy and I couldn’t prey on impressionable people like that. I’d feel bad. Darn my conscience!


Anyway, maybe everything isn’t about zinging. Maybe I shouldn’t try so hard in looking for what I wanna be. I mean, I wasn’t even looking when I found my Queen. She just kinda told some dude off asking for free crowns and started spinning so I spun with her. Maybe that’s all I need to do. I just gotta keep spinning around and around. One more time around should do it, yeah? Maybe what I love is right in front of me, but I keep spinning around it. Maybe I just like spinning around so I don’t settle into one passionate career.


Too many maybes and not enough for sures.


What I do know is that I love this blog and I’ll be writing about sodas, energy drinks, and juices until I can’t taste anything anymore. I know I love my Queen because she will put up with my antics of thinking too much.


What I do know is that I work two jobs to make as much money as I can. Do I love it? No. Am I happy with it? All in all, probably not. I don’t think I’ll ever be truly happy ever again, but there will be moments where things suck less and those moments will almost always be with my Queen.


So, this is the part where I ask you to gimme input I suppose. How full of crap is my way of thinking? Just gimme a number on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being super full of crap and 10 being spot on.


Also, should I write that book ironically? You don’t have to answer that one.


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