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Hey, it’s another weekly challenge!

Shared Journeys is this week’s and it asks me to write a post about the value of company.


Reading though the initial post there, it got me thinking about the value of being alone, but I feel like the value of company and the value of being alone go hand in hand for me.


According to the personalty test thing, I’m more of an extrovert than an introvert. I suppose its right, but to me the sides aren’t as clear. Sure, I’m not really afraid to approach people and strike up a conversation, but at the same time I would much rather not. This isn’t because social interaction exhausts me, rather I’m really just not that interested in what some people have to tell me.


The value of company to me evolves along with this idea. I like to chat with some people. I like to talk to random people I find while playing Payday. I ask them if they’d like a cup of coffee even though I very much know I can’t actually give them any. I like to chat with people at second job if they seem decent enough too. I made friends with my brand new co-workers within a few days. I am a pretty social person. At the same time, I abandon simple plans to hang out with friends if I don’t feel like it. Is that because I don’t want their company? Probably.


I mean, I value the company of others a lot. There’s people that are right at the top of the “people I want to see everyday” list. Then there are those who I’d rather see very rarely. Who’s at the top of the first list?




I know this sounds egotistical, but I love being around myself. Some may call it being alone or secluded, but I have an odd relationship with myself. I don’t view being alone as being seclusive. I look at it as being extremely social. I often talk to myself about anything really. I do it pretty much all day too. The things I tell myself are usually trivial things like how to cook something or how I should be fixing this broken printer. Someone asked me once why I do this and I told them that it is so I can stay sane. Life is menial. I spend hours each week driving to places I don’t want to go and that often means being stuck behind red lights. I could talk to someone on the phone, but who’s to say they aren’t busy or not in the mood to chat? With me, I am always willing to listen to myself. Heck, I have this blog. Each word here I read over at least once. Right now, I’m saying each word as I type it. I always do. I mean, maybe it isn’t out loud, but I’m interacting with myself.


Maybe this is a cop out by saying I value the company of myself, but it is the truth. I might as well be two people. It is important not only for my sanity, but it truly does help me think things though most of the time. I reference me typing these posts again. After I finish a post, I feel unbelievably better. It’s like I had a long conversation with someone that truly cares about me. I’m sure there’s people like that in my life, but the easiest person to talk to is myself.


So, yeah. I value my own company. Others also make that good list, but none of them can be truly in my head.


In the end, who knows me better than me?


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