Happy King Day (And Queen And King and Queen)

Happy King Day and belated King and Queen and Queen Day!


I’m sorry I didn’t have a really cool post for those previous days, but I was working. I am working hard this year so there’s no time to relax!


Queen Day was nice. We had a nice home cooked lasagna and had some presents. On King and Queen Day, I had to work for most of it, but we really just relaxed and played video games. That’s really all I can ask for on that day. I mean, it sure is nice to see bison, but a relaxing evening in my new apartment is just as fine.


King Day is upon us and well…I have to work. Alas! I do, though, have the rest of the evening off and I have a few plans!


I am going to go play golf with my brother which is awesome because we’ve really been meaning to get back out there and play. I miss it. After that, I have plans to go to a nice restaurant and have a good meal on the discount because I have a keen eye for deals! After that, I don’t really know what else. I’ll probably stream or just relax. 25 years man. If I were a coin, I’d be a quarter.


Anyway, from King Chas Rad, I say enjoy the day!


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