I’ve Already Said I Admit It

Rad Blog!


Hey look, I found WordPress’s kind of old prompt system is now a weekly thing. So, I’m going to write about it here.


The Things We Leave Behind is the weekly challenge and it asks me to reflect on something I’ve left behind whether it is a place, person, or whatever.


I’d like to devote this post to a recurring feeling I’ve had in the last few months or so. I’ve probably mentioned it here a few times, but I think devoting this post to it will help me cope or whatever I wanna do. It isn’t really something I’m sad about so “cope” really isn’t the right word.


Anyway, I’ve mentioned that I’m at this odd point where I don’t really belong to any age group. I’m too old to be a kid and I’m too young to be considered a real adult. I think I’ve been going about this thing too wrong because I have no idea what it takes to be an adult. I’m just starting out on my own and I’ll find whatever hiccups along the way. I’m fine with that. Being an adult is a new experience and it isn’t one that I’m ruing.


For this post, I’m going to admit it for real this time that I’m absolutely behind the times. Every day I seem to be learning something new on how the internet works or the real impact of social media, or what is considered “pop music.” Anyway, when I was younger, I swore I’d never be this way. I thought since I was always on the internet, I would be in the know or whatever forever. Growing up a bit, I find this idea was farcical at best and impossible on my worst days.


So I’m looking back at my idea from Young Chas Rad and seeing how dumb it was. I read some blogs on WordPress and it seems like this kind of transition can go two ways. On the one hand, more experienced adults try to hold on to what’s hip and it makes them kind of look like a man/woman-child. On the other, there’s the ones that grow out of any and all interest of what’s hip and kind of chastise it with the ol’ “kids these days don’t know anything.”


Things I liked as a youngin’ are completely archaic to the new college student age. I mean, there’s a good 5 or so years between us, but you’d think 5 years isn’t all that much. I’ve found it is.


So, what did I really feel then? I mean, I thought I was cool. You could tell by my name: Chas Rad. Maybe I need to graduate my name and become Chas Regal or Chas Retro. I think the thing is that maybe I’m not so cool or a different type of cool. Like, I’m not longer the hip youngster I was, but I’ve been promoted to my own individual. I’m not in the sea of 18-something college kids who watch stupid YouTube videos, which are kind of now replaced by memes. I’m making my own decisions and making my own way. Fads aren’t really all that important to me anymore. I either like it or I don’t. I don’t have to like something to fit in, but then again I was never really that way. I suppose it was more liking something by association which I do not have to do anymore either. That’s kind of refreshing honestly.


I remember when “Friday” by Rebecca Black came out and everyone thought it was so funny because it was so bad. Heck, I think I wrote a post about it here. I never really wanted to be into that song, but I did because everyone around me was making fun of it. Now that I’m separated from this trend, I don’t have to really care at all. It’s a beautiful thing that I don’t have to like things by association.


I can confirm this too since now that I work with a bunch of 18-something college kids for the summer that I see what they like and my response is “I don’t even know what that is.”


So, looking back at this kind of “youth,” I’m kind of glad its crumbled. I mean, I miss thinking I was cool, but now I know I’m Rad. Will I transition into the “kids these days know nothing” adult? Probably, but I won’t forget my roots. I never will.


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