Interesting Titles Escape Me Now

Rad Blog!


Remember when I used to write mostly bloggy stuff and had cool titles? Yeah, well, I’ve been doing more Drink Reaction posts so I’ve been kind of in a title-slump. No worries. Titles are just here to grab attention anyway. I figure, people come to the Rad Blog now for mostly the Drink Reactions and if they read the bloggy bits then that’s because they are interested.


There’s this stupid commercial from a long time ago, probably the 90’s, that has been stored in my memory for who knows what reason. I feel like I should find it, but I have no audio on this computer so I couldn’t really confirm if it was the right one or not. It was a really crappy commercial too because the acting was pretty poor. Anyway, the product in mind was, well, I can’t really remember. I think it was for an answering machine, but it was like a device that you plugged into the home phone so when you listened to the answering machine, you got like a texted version of it along with the audio. Today, this kind of thing still exists, but no one calls anyone anymore besides for work. I’m kidding. People are constantly on their phone, but messages are a thing of the past.  Seriously, I know when I am trying to call someone, if I reach the “leave a message” I tend to hang up and try again later. Leaving a voice message for something personal isn’t my thing. I mean, if it is an important thing for business, then yes. I’ll leave a message. If I call a friend or my brother, I won’t leave a message.


Anyway, the commercial took place at some lady’s house and it was night with like a big storm. She was worried about something and listened to her answering machine. The voice quality from the machine was awful and she kept hitting “replay” after the first half-a-second. All I can remember was hearing “pizzeria here!” but the big reveal at the end when she got the text-to-voice thing was “Pete Zaria here, your car is ready.” Whose bloody name is Pete Zaria?! His parents have a sick sense of humour. I guess it is his fault for going by “Pete” instead of “Peter.” Peter Zaria doesn’t make him sound like he’s about to give me a large luau pizza every time he’s calling.


I’m feeling a lot better since writing that last post. I’m more peppy I suppose, which is good because these days I need all the pep I can get.


I think I’m happy enough with my new place to make a video tour of it. Keep an eye out here for the video. Speaking of videos, I probably should make one or several. I think I need a new game to play, or maybe I’ll make a montage video. I should make a Rad Blitz again because Gildem liked that. Maybe a playthough. I don’t really have any games in mind for a playthrough. I suppose I can record each of my FTL journeys. That might be interesting. I really want to steam more Euro Truck too.


Cooking with Chas has gone well. Since I’m on my own now, I have to actually materialize my cooking instead of making up recipes. I made fried chicken for my family last Friday and that ended up going pretty well. Today I’m attempting to make a nice Slavic dish called Sarma. I’m using the “Bosnian”  version, but I don’t know how different it is compared to others. I think I have some roots in Bosnia and Herzegovina if I recall. I don’t know. When people ask “what are you?” I tend to say “a human” and then after that sarcastic response I give another and say “I’m American.” Then after they look like they are about to rip my head off, I say “I’m a mutt of Europe” which is pretty true. When kids in school used to say “I’m 9/17ths Italian,” I would say “Okay, I don’t really know what I am.” What I do know is that some of these cultures are more prevalent in my family than others. I mean, I grew up with a lot of Italian cooking, but I also grew up with a lot of German and Slavic cooking. Then, I had a lot of Irish, Austrian, and Hungarian culture thrown at me as a kid in the form of people knowing the languages or traditions. So, what am I? I’m Chas Rad.

I try to be open to all cultures really because it interests me. I’ve said it many times in the blog, but I really do like learning languages. With languages, I learn cultures. I get insight on foods and whatnot. I try my best to be culturally open. I think a lot of people don’t particularly care to learn cultures. I don’t really go out of my way to learn cultures either. It is just kind of part of me that I pick these sort of things up as they come. I guess that’s the benefit of elasticity.


Anyway, that’s really it. I have more Drink Reactions coming, but probably not today.


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