Game Log: Pokemon Go- Day 1-3

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Get on your red caps and green gloves, because Pokemon Go is out and a ton of people are walking around, trying to be a Pokemon Master. I am very much included in this bunch of people too.


I am one of the first groups of kids who grew up with Pokemon. I started playing Pokemon Red on my Game Boy when I was about, what? 6 or 7? Being almost 25 now, this new age of Pokemon has kind of disinterested me, but Pokemon Go was a kind of nice cool breeze.


A lot of people will claim the game is nostalgic. I suppose it can be for people, but for me, it is more of a new game using old Pokemon that I grew up with and like pretty much the best.


So, I began on release date for the US and met a Grey Fox professor that went by “Willow.” He was a pretty cool guy. He was short and sweet with instruction too which is great because I hate reading and just wanted to play.


I gotta admit, at first I wasn’t thrilled about the game. It seemed kind of boring, and on paper it really is. All you have to do is walk around and catch Pokemon and maybe challenge gyms. That’s really limited, but the real thrill comes from the actual interaction. Just saying “I walked to the corner and found a Pokemon” sounds boring. Actually doing it is fun!


Anyhow, I was sitting on my couch and I was creating my character. The character creation is pretty limited. I look like some dude that really wants to join the varsity track team, so he wears leggings all day because it keeps him limber.


So after that, Willow tells me about starters in my area and I see the three old boys: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Of course, I go with the best starter, Charmander like the old days.


I then take a look at the little hint section and it explains to me what Pokestops look like and what are gyms. It is all good and fun, but first, there were Pokemon to catch in my area!


Immediately, I saw a few Pokemon pop up on the GPS rendered area where I live! There were a bunch of Pidgeys, but there was one that was unlike the other. It was a Pidgeotto! I quickly tapped on his head and proceded to try and catch him.


Catching Pokemon is as easy as swiping up and hitting them with a ball. Unfortunately, my phone is a piece of crap and the touch screen is kind of warped so even if I have my finger on it, it doesn’t register sometimes. I ended up dropping like 5 Pokeballs before I got one to capture Pidgeotto. Satisfied, I decided to stop for a moment and tell the world of Booker about me starting the Pokemon Go journey. I then found a Krabby and my original squad had begun!


Then, I was hit in the face with the glaring problem of bad servers. The Pokemon Go servers are constantly overloaded with people trying to play, so I couldn’t do much for most of Day 1. Thankfully, they came up for a little while longer so the Queen and I could take a small walk around the neighbourhood and catch a few more Pokemon.


By Day 2, I had gone to work on the crowded boardwalk where I found a ton of Pokestops, gyms, and rare Pokemon. I caught a Venonat and more Krabbys there, but also found a Cubone, Hitmonchan, and Rhydon. I even found a few eggs so I decided to start hatching them. Eggs require me to walk actual kilometers to hatch. I began hatching my 10 KM egg first. I had a few 5 KM and on 2 KM egg. Thankfully, temporary egg incubators come from Pokestops so I got to begin my 2 KM egg.


On Day 3, I had work once again, but this time the Queen and I walked together on the boardwalk after I got off. The servers or my phone was really acting up so I missed a lot of opportunities to get good Pokemon, like a Pikachu. On a positive note, I found a stronger Charmander, 2 Squirtles, and a few Growliths. My 2 KM egg hatched as well and I got a Bulbasaur. By the end of Day 3, the 10 KM egg was at 9.7 KM. Maybe by Day 4 it will hatch. Time will tell!


What I have found was that no matter who I thought I would use in the beginning, wouldn’t carry over. Starter Charmander is terrible to my recently caught one. The good idea is to transfer weaker Pokemon to get Pokemon candies to use for evolution or powering up stronger Pokemon. I evolved a Weedle into a Kakuna and a Pidgey into a stronger Pidgeotto with the candies I got from catching so many of them.


On Day 2, I tried to take on a few gyms, but man are people strong. I was really close to taking over one gym after work, but I lost on the second Pokemon. I think I might be ready to try again, if I find a good gym to fight. I have since joined Team Valour. Moltres is one of the coolest legendary birds. Everyone else I know is on Team Mystic.I know only one person that joined Team Instinct. I’m not a fan of yellow nor Zapdos so I didn’t even consider that team.




Currently, I’m level 10 after my decent run on Day 3. I think I might make it to level 11 on Day 4, but that all depends on if I get out and catch more Pokemon. I don’t work on the boardwalk again for a little while, so I probably won’t gain too much progress until then.


Overall, the game is fun. I like playing with The Queen and my old friend that lives in the apartments near me. I look forward to trying to take over the gym. I haven’t even successfully trained at one yet. It is still a mystery to me. I keep getting crappy disconnections when I try to fight.


Oh well, we’ll see how things turn out in the future! Keep on adventuring, my friends. If you are on Team Valour, gimme a shout!


Also, who do you think I’ll be getting in my 10 KM egg?


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