Mr. Chas: Mover Man

Rad Blog!


Look, I know I have been neglecting you, but that’s because I’m a busy Chas. Thankfully, I think I’m going to be on a set schedule soon so hopefully you’ll hear more from me.


I have a Drink Reaction all set up and ready too! I’ll hopefully be doing it this weekend. In fact, if I don’t do it this weekend, expect a mobile version of it.


Well, the move is finally here. “Wait, what move?” you might be asking. well, Rad Blog, tomorrow is the start of a new chapter of Rad Life. After years of a long distance relationship, the Queen and I are finally “officially” moving in together. I say “officially” because we both moved into my parents’ house first and had to wait until now to find a decent income as well as an apartment.


I’ll try to post a Chas in Real Life video when I finally get the place all set up to my liking. This is a good thing because now I have full control of what I do. If I wanna stream at 5 PM, I can stream at 5 PM. If I want to stream at 1 AM with voice chat, I can do it without worrying about waking up my parents. That’s probably the thing I’m most excited sorta.


Anyway, I am just happy I am starting out as a real Chas and not some kid in his parents’ house. I haven’t really bought a lot of games on the Steam Sale. I did get the Sonic Humble Bundle so you can expect some gameplay of…I don’t know. Sonic Generations? Sure.


There’s some foreboding things looming over me right now. I am about to move into my own place, but I have no food. I have no curtains. I have no shower curtains. I have furniture, but I have no lamps except a tiny one for the bedside table. I actually have to go buy these things. Like, curtains, man. Curtains! I always associated curtains with old people or people that like to do crafts, but no. I have to buy it for my own windows. Maybe they have cool Mario or Mass Effect curtains on Etsy or something. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll go look at them right now.


It just occurred to me that I have no idea how big of curtains I need. If I went to the curtain shop and told the old lady at the counter “Hey old-timer, I need curtains,” she’d probably say like “Sure, young’in, what size do you need?” Then I’d be like “Uh, medium? Maybe large? I don’t know.” I also need a shower curtain, probably. That means I’ll need shower curtain hooks. Then again, I might not need one at all if it is one of those glass door shower things. I’ll also need lamps. Maybe they have a cool Pokeball lamp or a Metroid lamp. Etsy! I am coming back! Screw sizes! Lamps are lamps!




Actually, it is really cool.


I found a cool Mass Effect shower curtain. It has the Normandy on it. I kind of want the other one I saw that had the Citadel picture I use as my computer’s lockscreen, but it is like double the price. Oh well.


Anyway, you’ll see more and more on this blog now that it is my stuff. Oh, by the Eight, am I going to become one of those “Happy Home” bloggers now? First, he conquers drink reaction/reviews. Next, he blogs about home design. Chas Rad: The true Jack of All Trades.


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