I’ve Been Gone

Rad Blog!


I’ve noticed the Rad Blog has had a lack of activity. It really is my fault, but then again you can’t really say “Chas you despicable fool! You have a blog to run here!” Hey, listen! I have two jobs and a lot of the time I’ve been working 12 hour days because that’s the norm lately. Who the heck aspires to work 12 hour days? I certainly don’t, but I have to do it. I have no choice.


I’ve read blogs on how people who work to much “aren’t living right” or whatever, but I’d love to see how they’d fare with paying rent every month on top of other things like electricity and a student loan payment. I’ve all but officially given up on finding a full time job too, which I know is bad, but I don’t want to be a salesman.


Anyway, this post is not about my woes of having no time. I also haven’t found any cool drinks to write about here either. I really though my weekend getaway to Virginia would help, but nope. They pretty much have the same stuff as New Jersey.


Oh yeah, I went to Virginia. I know I said I have no time anymore, which is true. I have no time, but that little getaway was the only time I had off and probably the last of my free time off as well. It was a pretty nice vacation actually and I think a lot of the WordPress life-blogger people would have liked the area. It was completely disconnected. There was no cell phone signal except in the town that was a few miles away. There was no internet. Nothing! It was just me, the beach, and long hours of sipping coffee on the porch. Like I said, this sounds like a retired person’s dream. I’ll probably never get to retire so it is good I got to experience it now. I gotta say, it was pretty relaxing. I liked that I didn’t have to take my phone everywhere in case someone wanted to call or text me. At the same time, I missed Payday and Steam. I missed maybe finding a drink to write about here.


I also stepped down from being a moderator on Neoseeker. There’s a few reasons for it, but my public reasoning is my work life eating up my whole life. I love Neoseeker, as you know. I love the classic gaming forum where I was a mod too. Why did I go? Well, it is true about work. It is killing me softly with its time. Thankfully that should change soon now the real job is starting this week. I also stepped down because of a kind of odd reason. I’m probably paranoid by the stress of moving out and work, but I really feel a sort of hostility towards me on the site. I mean, I have always felt a sort of hostility from a few members, but lately it feels like most of the people I know would rather have had me leave the site than stay. Maybe I don’t fit in well with them. I don’t have the same humour because memes aren’t funny to me. Maybe it is because I don’t play modern games and I’d opt to play Payday 2 every day instead of whatever is coming out soon from E3. Whatever it is, I felt a sense of hostility so I wanted to scale back my activity. Also, classic gaming isn’t getting the activity it once had, so I felt redundant as a second moderator there. I mean, yeah, that isn’t my call to make. It really isn’t. The super moderators are the ones that say “hey, yeah, we don’t need two moderators here,” but I am an honest guy. I don’t like sticking around if I know I’m not doing any good, especially in a place of some power.


I guess it is a combination of all that. The feeling of hostility leads to me scaling back activity which means posting less which makes me a bad moderator so that’s why I left.


It isn’t like anyone from the site reads this blog either so no one really knows how I feel. That’s fine. Maybe I am feeling paranoid. Maybe no one actually has any hostile feelings towards me. I don’t know. That’s just how I am. I’ve always had this odd sense of people feeling hostile towards me. I’m like what Garbage said: I think I’m paranoid.


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