Game Log: Metal Gear Solid V- The Phantom Pain PART 2

Last time, I told you about basically everything that happened up until that point. I’ve been playing again so here’s more updates!


I ended the last post saying I found a way to customize my helicopter and other things. I did look into it and it is pretty neat. You can customize a lot of things like the actual look of the Mother Base, your helicopter, and a badge that’s on your character. I made my Mother Base have a this robin’s egg blue hue to all the buildings. It used to be this kind of white/grey looking colour. I think the blue will help us blend in with the ocean better. I then made my helicopter have this cool purple cammo look, which probably doesn’t help it at all.


My logo thing is now a king’s crown with the words “REVOLVER KING” under it. I looked for “SNIPER” but it was still locked I guess.


Apparently, I have been riding D-Horse for so long that our bond got maxed out so he can now…poop on the street. Seriously. There’s a command to tell it him to poop. I read that it is to make enemy vehicles spin out of control when they run over it. That poop must be extremely slick if it can do that. Then again, these cars handle like a rock. I took this jeep thing and kept on crashing it unintentionally.


I’ve been doing a lot of side-op missions just to fool around in the game. I’ve neglected the open world aspect so I really just wanted to run around and snipe people with my now upgraded sniper. I bought a few other things too like a revolver, c4, a grenade launcher, and a cage. The cage is to find small animals to extract. The best part is that I can just equip them and forget about it since I don’t have to check on the cage. When I go back to the helicopter, some “recon” team will collect the cages. I managed to catch a gerbil and a bat. I didn’t know there were wild gerbils in Afghanistan.


Eventually, I did some missions. On the way to this one area of a side-op, I ran into this event with an enemy sniper. Miller called her “Quiet” and boy was she efficient. I say she because it looked like the bloody woman that tried to kill me in the hospital! I didn’t know where she was and I almost got killed while trying to find suitable cover. Eventually, I looked around enough in good cover  and marked her with my cool binoculars that can now scan people to see if they are a good soldier or not. We had a sniper war in this destroyed temple area thing. It was kind of cool because she would hide in the infrastructure that still stood, while I hid in the grass next to the rubble. A sandstorm came in the middle of the battle too. Thankfully she couldn’t spot me really as I found even better cover than a really tiny block of rubble. She would fire at me and I would find her position. I’d quickly fire back with my own sniper and hit! She’d then freak out and warp away. I guess that’s how she survived the you know, fire bomb thing and falling out a window. She had this teleportation skill thing like the scary skull dudes that keep visiting me from time to time. She must be one of them or the leader because she looks like a human. Eventually, I landed a critical headshot and she fell down, quite injured. Ocelot was like “We could take her with us and make her reveal the secrets of the skulldudes!” Miller was like “No way! She tried to kill you! Finish her!”


I then proceeded to go Sub-Zero on her and give her one more well placed headshot for a fatality. No way am I letting this psycho near me again. Fool me once, shame on…shame on. You know, I can’t be fooled again now that she’s dead. I think. She kind of just disappeared into a pixalated glow really. I mean, she could have done that at the hospital when she fell out of the window, but I didn’t see it. Hopefully I can stop having nightmares of waking up to some assassin in my room and not have the strength to do anything about it.


I then did a few more missions in the game with D-Horse now in this awesome armour I got him because I researched it. I don’t know if it actually does anything for him because he doesn’t really fight nor get in the way of combat. He has this cool glass visor on his muzzle and like a Diamond Dogs flak jacket. For the first mission, I had to destroy some passing armoured trucks. Unfortunately, I don’t have a rocket launcher or anything good besides a grenade launcher. I managed to destroy two trucks and interrupt this prisoner transport. Sadly, they killed D-Horse. It isn’t that big of a deal because when he dies. He kind of just falls over and then re-spawns. It is kind of odd, but who cares? Magic horse! My position where I destroyed the trucks was less than ideal. I was located behind a huge enemy compound and a small checkpoint so I had Russian guys coming after me after hearing the KABOOM of grenades. I think that’s when D-Horse got killed in the crossfire. That or when the vehicles blew up, he was too close. That might have been my bad. Sorry, D-Horse.


Then I did this mission where some high ranking Russian dude was supposed to be meeting somewhere. First I had to traverse this occupied village to find the meeting point and then destroy his armoured convoy. Why does everything have to be armoured. I only have a grenade launcher! I prepared for this and I decided to get C4. I know I said I got it before, but it wasn’t until now that I actually developed it.


The town was quite difficult to traverse. There’s a lot of high ground and there were enemies in houses that saw me. I had to go a bit more loud than usual. Thankfully I had my revolver and sniper so I took care of them at a relatively safe distance. I managed to be slightly good in stealth too taking out some dudes without firing a single shot. Apparently they had some prisoner dude in the town too who I ended up rescuing too.


In the end, I found the convoy was headed to that old temple where I found the Honeybee from before. Great.


I called up D-Horse, who was super peeved at me from killing him on accident. Yeah, he might re-spawn, but it deteriorates your bond when he dies. We tried to catch the convoy, but it had two tanks! TWO TANKS?! How is my C4 supposed to blow up that? I just railed them for a bit until they got to the temple. Ocelot was super angry with me saying “You’re going to fail this mission if they go inside!”


And then, like magic, I found something that would help me.


On the side of the road was this anti-air truck. It had giant rockets and a fairly heavy machine gun turret. I said “Hasta La Pasta” to D-Horse and drove the truck…


Remember what I said about how the cars in this game handle like a brick? Try driving one in a sandstorm. I think I ended up in a ditch. Thankfully, I managed to get out, but I drove straight into an enemy checkpoint. It was one of their trucks, so they’ll just let me by, right?




They got really angry too and tried to shoot me, but I was in a pretty armoured truck so I tested out my turret on them. Dead. Nice!


I then wanted to try out the rockets, but I couldn’t find the “switch weapon” button anywhere. I still don’t know which it is. The game talks as if I am playing this on an Xbox, which I am not. I then figured “Well, I guess I’ll try and take out the tanks with this turret. If I blow up, I’ll try to see if the Steam forums have any idea how to do it.” I made it to the temple and shot at the soldiers and the tanks. The turret actually worked! I blew up both tanks! I was then feeling the blood-lust so I tried to kill everyone with my awesome new truck.


Stupidly, they had mortars and I didn’t get out in time so my truck got blown to bits. I then tried to leg it, but I forgot the temple area had one way in and out so I was being turned into a lead blanket. Then I remembered my old buddy D-Horse so I called him and we made our way out of the area! I was home free!


Until I got flanked by like 20 enemies that were coming to aid the temple. We died and I had to do it all over again.


This time, as soon as I blew up the tanks and the high ranking officer dude, I got out of dodge. The flanking dudes were still there, but I had a truck this time and they turned into roadkill.


I eventually made it out alive and I somehow extracted the truck! Cool!


They wanted me to go back to Mother Base because there’s some sort of Animal Conservatory being built. I made it back to the base, but I couldn’t find it for the life of me. Maybe I will find it next time. I then decided to go back out in the field, but Ocelot stopped me. There, my little pup stood, but now he was a giant wolf with an eye patch. Ocelot trained him to sniff out mines and enemies for me so if I want him to join me, I can take him along. He might be useful, but can I ride him like D-Horse?


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