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Daily prompt thing because, why not?

Flourish is the word of the day. I should stop calling these “daily prompts” and just go with “word of the day.”

Flourish is one of those cool words that have a few meanings depending on the context. For one, it could mean that someone could be successful in a given environment. It’s like if you give me some slow AI and plenty of open space for sniping, I’m going to flourish. Flourish also could mean a sort of ostentatious way to finish something. I can only think of John Hancock when signing the Declaration.

While I enjoy a certain amount of showmanship in my life, not everything about me is as ostentatious as I tend to show.


What this word really made me think of at first was this weapon in a little game I used to play called Spiral Knights. There was a weapon called the Flourish and it was this little sabre that was pretty quick with its attacks. It was never the most popular sword as most people picked other weapons over it, but it reminds me of how I never was one for what’s widely known as popular or “meta” in video game terms.

I cannot really speak for the Flourish as I was always a gunman in Spiral Knights. Focusing strictly on guns was certainly a viable way to play, but not nearly as popular as someone who focused on the most powerful weapons and armour.

I really went with what I enjoyed and what suited my style of play. Would using the strong weapon help me be more powerful in the game? Absolutely, but it wouldn’t help me flourish. That’s what’s important to me.


You see, anyone can do what is the best way possible, but achieving something doing it your way is how you flourish. I know this probably sounds cliche, but it is quite meaningful to me.


I mean, sure. The best way to do something might be way easier. Heck, I might even resort to it some day when I’m expanding my ideas. Just let me get to it on my own terms. I don’t like guides to tell me how to do something even if it is the best way.


I think of Spiral Knights again. I was super against the Blitz Needle which is one of the best guns in the game. Later, I’ve come to terms with it and don’t harbour this hatred of it. I agree, it is a good gun. Sometimes I’ll use it, but I don’t use it as if my life depends on it. I have my own terms for using it. That’s my way of flourishing with it.


That’s just video games. I do it in real life too. I spent most of my bloggy life here complaining about how useless my literature degree and while it hasn’t done me any favours in the job market, it has given me a new challenge. I am at a disadvantage because I didn’t study anything practical like computer science or engineering. That’s what’s in demand right now and I’ve always told myself I’d be better off if I did major in that. Sure, I might be having better opportunities, but that is not on my terms. It is strictly me contorting myself to what’s the “meta.”


Now that I’ve cooled down a bit, I have come to terms with my degree. It might be useless, but it is MY useless degree and I have to make the best of it. Currently, I feel like I’m certainly trying. I have a job, while it isn’t full time or high paying, I made it here on my own without any real connections to help me. I’ve worked my way up as well and I’m constantly looking forward. Do I love my job? Who cares? You shouldn’t do what you love as work. That’s how you lose enthusiasm, but I am content with my job. I like where I work and the people that work here. That’s more than enough. The best part is, I did it all on my own terms. While I’m not 100% content yet, I am on my way to flourishing.


That’s the best part about it all.


So maybe I’m not doing things the best way possible. That’s fine. I’m making my own way and doing the best I can.


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