Pokemon Sun & Moon Starter Reveal Reaction

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If you didn’t know already, the new Pokemon starters for Sun and Moon were revealed today. Everyone and their mothers has seen the videos of the new region, called Alola (Get it? A lol? Ah!). It looks to be like Hawaii with a cool looking volcano in the south from what I saw. The professor, or who I assume to be, looks like Tito from Rocket Power.



Honestly if this guy was the professor, I’d be happy with that. He is very unique compared to the typical white lab coat guy/girl. Something tells me the professor is the guy behind him with the hat and lab coat with no shirt. That would be okay too I suppose. I prefer to think of the professor as this Hawaiian-like native that has a luau and tells his Pokemon adventure stories around a campfire.


Anyway! The big reveal was the three starters for the new games. They take the typical role of grass, fire, and water.


First we have the grass starter which is Rowlet


He’s kind of cute I suppose. It is the big eyes that get me probably because it reminds me of another lovable bird starter. A lot of the people I talk to on Neoseeker are loving his leaf bowtie. I didn’t see it at first, but I suppose it is kind of cute. What I don’t like about it is its huge Squidward nose.

It is a kind of cool Pokemon in all. The head turning action is pretty neat and I think it is a nice touch that we have a second owl Pokemon. Hoothoot looks more like a horned owl while this one kinda reminds me of a barn owl.


Rowlet looks like it is totally happy to see you. His little “Koo!” shows it is kind of assertive and ready to be your best pal.


Next we have Litten


This one is kind of foreboding and like many have said, it looks like it is up to no good. My first impression of this cat is that it looks like a ninja. The head’s pattern reminds me of Shredder’s mask a little or just like a ninja’s hood. In an odd, dark way I find it cute enough. It looks like a cross between Glameow and Umbreon. The whiskers are kinda silly in my opinion. I think I’d like it better if they were shorter or gone entirely.

This one looks like it is not so happy to see you but on on guard with its ellipsis “Mrowr…” Maybe it is a bit bored of you already or it knows it isn’t as cute or happy-go-lucky looking as its counterparts.


Which kind of cat is this? I’m not really sure. It looks like a typical black cat so I’m sure Sunderland fans would like it being that its red and black. Alley cat? I looked up “black cat breed” and it says Bombay are typically black and have golden eyes. That fits Litten pretty well I suppose.


Lastly, we have Popplio!


Some people will find this guy really cute. I can see it, but I think he looks really derpy. It reminds me of one of those seals at a circus that plays “La Cucaracha” on the horns with its nose. At first, I really thought it was a dog from the shape of its head. It kind of does from the front too. The floppy ears and long nose resemble a dog’s head and without seeing the tail in the back, the front flippers could be like really wide paws. Overall, I get a very clown-like vibe from this guy. He could go join the circus with Mr. Mime and Mime Jr.

They made him sorta interesting with his description saying he jumps on bubbles or something like that.

He seems to be horribly confused as to why he’s with these other two Pokemon with his question mark “Bwark?” I take it he is a bit of a simpleton really, but maybe he’s one of those lovable ones.


I’m trying to get a pronunciation of these guys down. I think Rowlet is like “owl” with a r at the beginning so it sounds like “ra-owl-et.” Moist towelette Rowlet?


Litten is more of like a kitten that is lit on fire. Poor kitten. Why would someone light you on fire? I’m pronouncing it as “lit-in.”


The last fellow, Popplio, is a bit more of a toss up really. I have no idea what to emphasize with his name. I’m pronouncing it as “pop-leo” but I could be totally wrong.


By the by, all the pictures you see here are from the reveal video I’m linking here. 

What are my final thoughts? I’m not overly in love with any of these guys. I mean, they look pretty cute and way better than some of the other starters, but I’m not hooked. None of them really make me say “Oh yeah! I can’t wait to pick *insert Pokemon here*!” I’m not against them though! I hated the Black and White starters and the X and Y ones were meh to me. These are all kind of likable in a way. What they do for me, along with the region reveal, is make me kind of excited for this game. I was really on the fence about getting it with Black and White being kind of a let down for me and X and Y not really inspiring me. I’m on board with Sun and Moon now. I’m actually really excited about exploring the Hawaiian themed region with one of these guys I guess. They will either grow on me or find their way into the Box like most of my starters tend to do these days.


People on the fence about these starters are saying they will wait to see the rest of their evolution. I guess I feel the same way, but I am fairly certain that the final evolution isn’t going to inspire me any more.


If I had to pick right now, I’m leaning towards Litten. Rowlet is a close second and I’m not digging Popplio right now. If I look at my typical picks for starters, this is a first for the grass starter. I have never picked the grass starter in any of my playthroughs for Pokemon. Rowlet being a close second is a milestone!


If I had to guess what my friends would pick, I’d say the Queen would go for Litten, Gildem would go for Rowlet, and my brother will go for Rowlet too. Stitch would probably like Litten. Go ahead and share who you’d pick in the comments if you want.


The game comes out in November so I guess we’ll see who I pick then, yeah? It looks like it should be optimized for the older 3DS models too as the video doesn’t say “best played on the New 3DS” yet.


Until then, gotta catch em all…again!


3 thoughts on “Pokemon Sun & Moon Starter Reveal Reaction

  1. When I first saw them, I really wasn’t feeling it. I’ve had more time to get used to them and I think if I had to choose one right now, I’d go Popplio. Why? Because he is one of the ugliest and most awkward starters I have ever seen. I can’t help but want that guy on my team. But the craziest part is that I have picked the grass starter in every game up til now, gen 1 to gen 6. I just have no interest in Rowlet. Rowlet is just there. Litten is great. It’s a cat and I love that. I’d love a Litten plush. I just have this massive disinterest in choosing fire starters, though, because they are always great and fire types are always useful. Popplio is awful, imo, so I want that one. – Dude


    • I’d say Popplio is my second pick too for a similar reason. I mean sure the owl is cute and all, but he’s really just there like you said. A Litten plush. Hmm. I kind of want one now.


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