The Alignment

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Chaos is the daily prompt word thing today. I have an idea for it.


The first thing I think of when I hear chaos is the alignment chart. What is the alignment chart? It is a chart that shows the basic personality traits used in roleplaying games, but I often relate it to more than just that. It is everywhere really. I mean, people use it in Dungeons and Dragons, but I’ve never played it. If you look up “alignment chart” online, you’ll find dozens of them made by fans of different things like Batman characters or Star Wars characters.


I’ll make my own little one here if you’re reading on mobile or just don’t want to look it up right now.


Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
Lawful Neutral True Neutral Chaotic Neutral
Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil

That’s what it boils down to really. What does this all mean? I’ll try my best to explain it, but there’s sites devoted to this stuff that you should probably look up if you’re really interested.


This separates how people act. It kind of acts like the political compass if you’re familiar with that, you know where if you’re far left and somewhat up ,that mean’s you’re into socialist ideas.


Don’t confuse this with the compass. A socialist can totally be chaotic evil. Political ideologies and these alignments do not go hand in hand.


Anyway, this chart is separated by the views on the public and views on one’s self. Going up and down, it is separated by good and evil. A good person tends to do “good” things like help others, act peaceful, and probably donate money to charities. Evil is pretty much the opposite of good. They will actively hurt people and not care about it.


Now, don’t be confused by the evil and good being law abiding people. No. Being lawful is completely different.


The left and right are separated by law and chaos. Lawful people abide by a set of rules and morals created by a group, kind of like a government or a tribe. Chaotic people look out for only themselves and will do anything they can if it benefits themselves.


I’ll try to bring this into perspective. You might be thinking “Chas, isn’t being chaotic bad?” Not really! Chaotic represents true individualism. While being chaotic can be bad, being lawful can be equally as bad. Think of a goon of a big evil entity. They are just following orders from the big guys. It really depends on who is in charge.


Anyway, if you really want to know more about alignments, give this page a read. There’s good in depth stuff on it.


A few nights ago, Gildem and I were talking about how we’d align ourselves after talking about some game. I forget which. He said he was more of a chaotic good kind of person while I see myself as a more lawful neutral guy.


I agree with him that he’s a chaotic good person. I’ve know him for a while and I can absolutely agree that he has the “good” aspect to him. He is always buying his friends games and he volunteers at an animal shelter to help hurt wildlife. He’s a good guy and I’m happy to be his friend. The chaotic nature of him is a bit up in the air for me. I mean, he isn’t really all that self-centered, at least to me he isn’t. A chaotic good person will do good things but only if it is helping them somehow. When he gives me a gift, it is usually with a note saying “Hey buddy, you’re a good friend so here’s a cool game for you.” That right there is just straight good. He isn’t saying “Here’s a cool game that when I give you it, I get like 20 bucks from the developers for recruiting you.” Maybe his giving can be seen as chaotic. He’ll send gifts when it isn’t my birthday or anything.


Maybe in his gaming he is more chaotic. I look at some of his playthoughs of games where you can make choices or something like that. He tends to go with what he feels is the right thing like in Wolf Among Us when he goes for Dee instead of the Woodsman or when he smashes Georgie’s things, but not all of them.


Me, I see myself as the opposite. I try to go for the lawful approach to most things in life, but not siding with what’s good or what’s evil.


As an opposite to chaos? Do I despise it? No. I don’t. I think chaos-minded people are sometimes right about things. I look at Finn from the new Star Wars movie. He was a “new” Storm Trooper for the First Order, but thought what they were doing was wrong. The way he rebelled and broke Poe out of his containment was an act of chaos. I am a lawful neutral guy and I agree with his actions. The First Order is a radical movement that tried to bring down the new Republic, something that lawful Chas would support.


The connotation of the word “chaos” may make it sound bad, but in theory chaos is just being free from order. Sometimes order is repressive. Sometimes it is for real liberty. Why am I lawful neutral? I think it is my personality. ESTJ values order and rules. I do as well. These order and rules can be personal. I have a strict code of personal ethics which I have explored in many posts here like the one on how I view religion.


So, how does a personal code make me different from a chaotic person? I suppose a chaotic person has no code because they want to do whatever they feel like any any given moment.


This post has gone on long enough. They asked me what I thought of “chaos” and I wrote this post in response. I could have taken the chaotic route and just wrote about nonsense. That too would have been sufficient I suppose since, in theory, that would be a chaotic approach to this prompt.


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