Talking To The Rad Blog About The Rad Blog

Rad Blog!


Listen, I’m in a good mood and have been thinking a lot about you. I wanted to make this post kind of an update and kind of what my future plans are for here.


First off, man, my Drink Reactions are quite popular. I don’t know what exactly causes it, but people are coming to the page. I mean, it could be just for the picture or it could be for a review on the taste. Whatever it is, I’m happy people are coming to see my stuff.


I can kinda see what brings people here. Most of the time it is just Google, but sometimes I can see search terms like “What is cmplx6?” and “Goya Soursop Cancer Prevention.” See, me talking a little about what I research is good for the Rad Blog! Being thorough helps too! People wanted to know what Cmplx 6 was, even if it is labeled on NOS bottles. People were interested in knowing if Soursop actually helps cancer. Like I said in the post, I only know that peopel are debating it helps cancer. I have no idea if it actually does that.


Drink reactions have come from a long way. While looking up how I spelled “Soursop” on my post about it, I noticed a bunch of my oldest drink reactions don’t even start with “Drink Reaction:” as the title.


Anyway, Drink Reactions are the future of the Rad Blog. I love writing them. I love tasting different drinks. I love seeing how much of a filthy liar some of these companies are when it comes to naming their flavours. It is super fun for me, and I’m hoping you like them too.


Now, now. I am NOT ignoring what the blog was and always will be. It is a place for my own thoughts that others can read. Bloggy type stuff might be a rare commodity these days, but the truth is that I don’t really have much to say. I don’t feel like going on and on about how life sucks because I can’t find a full time job. It got tedious to me. I wanna write stuff that makes me happy like Drink Reactions.


I should continue Game Log, but I haven’t really remembered/had anything to report. Maybe I could write about Rocket League since I’ve been playing that.


Also, as you can tell, prompt writing is pretty much long gone. Every since Daily Post went to these “write about this one word post” I’ve been disenchanted with them more so than I was before. I mean, yeah I took the Mick when they had crappy prompts like “Do you believe in love at first sight?” because it was a one word answer, but it seems they took that literally and made everything just one word.


You know what, I’ll indulge in it today. Right after this post, I’ll write about their one word malarkey just for the fun of it. I truly do miss a good prompt.


Also, a bunch of blogs I was reading haven’t been updated in a while. I hope Sockman’s new job writing is going well. I also hope Fico is okay too. He was saying about how he lost his one job but a new opportunity arose. I hope he’s okay. Thankfully, Gordon’s been doing some stuff which I can check out thanks to WordPress’ reader thing. I might do more Naked drinks as he asked about in one post. They’ll make a good re-visit, but they are so bloody expensive. They cost more than an energy drink, which I’ll get to in am moment.


Have I noticed that a majority of the things I wrote about are energy drinks? Yes. Why is that? Well, it is because there’s so many out there! It is a hot market and there’s just so many flavours. Monster has a ton by themselves. They have their offshoots too like Java Monster and Punch Monster. Now, and a sneak peek for what’s coming, they have a non-alcoholic beer Monster. Yes! Crazy, right?! I promise I’ll give Monster a break soon. I have small stockpile of drinks again, and only like 3 of them are Monster brand I think. You know, maybe it is more like half my stockpile. Oh well. I should jump back into the organic section in a bit. I haven’t covered that in a while since that “not organic” Bai drink. Bai is up and coming so I should take a look at more of their flavours.


Hey! Feel free to recommend me stuff too! I’ll do anything that’s non-alcoholic as I refuse to drink alcohol. You can now even recommend me coffee drinks! I used to be eh on coffee but my love of Drink Reactions has opened me to it.


What is my criteria on me picking up a drink at the store? I go to the drink aisle or section and look at them. If it looks interesting, I’ll usually pick it up if it doesn’t cost like 5 bucks. If it does, I keep it in mind and wait for a sale. That’s what I did for one of the drinks in my stockpile. It is that, or I go to one of those bulk buyer places who buy the crap other stores couldn’t sell and get it for a reduced price. Some of these drinks actually go straight there like Rip X and Tornado. Personally, I think they belong there…


Okay! Time to check the prompt out and write about it. See you later!


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