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I told you I’d write about the daily prompt thing so here it is.


Solitude is the prompt.


Well, Solitude is a beautiful city that sits on this arch thing. I’d say it is my favourite city in Skyrim honestly, and that’s not because I’m pro-Empire. I really like the stone walls and the relatively warm feel I get from it as the rest of Skyrim is frigid and frozen.


Proudspire Manor is my favorutie house in the game as well and can only be bought when you are the Thane of Solitude. It has a really nice view of the land from the back yard window thing near the wall.


The architecture kinda reminds me of a German-Gothic style for some reason. I don’t really know much about architecture, but the buildings there make me feel like it would fit that description.


You know, I used to get lost a lot in Solitude. I couldn’t find the Empire’s castle for the life of me the first time I played the game. I know there’s waypoints and whatever, but I’d end up going though some other building thinking I had to use it to get there.


I think the name of the city is slightly ironic in the aspect of Skyrim. Solitude is anything but its definition during the game. It is the place where the whole Skyrim civil war’s conflict first started really. Ulfric Stormcloak shouted the high king to death. When you think of the word “solitude” in its definition, it means alone but it gives the connotation of being at peace. Solitude is absolutely not a lonely place. It is one of the biggest cities in Skyrim as well as the capital. Maybe the name refers to its position on the map, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense either because there’s some other cities not too far away from it.


I think Winterhold’s name would be better off as “Solitude” because the town fell in the sea when the Mage’s College there did some shady magic and now barely anyone lives there. It is also pretty far away and in the blizzards of Skyrim’s wilderness.


Well, Solitude has the Bard’s College. I feel like the plot there was quite wasted. I wanted to actually be a bard, not just go through some dungeon and find an old book. Thankfully, there was an awesome mod for PC that let me buy songs and instruments from the Bard’s College to enhance it.


Solitude doesn’t really have all that much in it. There’s a bunch of shops, but a lot of them don’t have a ton of gold to give you for your crap. If you’re a thief, eventually one of the guys in the pub will act as a fence for you, if you don’t kill him in a mission. That’s always good too.


Back to Proudspire, people rave about Lydia being the best, but I’m all about Jordis the Sword-Maiden. Lydia can go sit in Breezehome and read a book for all I care. Jordis has awesome Ebony armour I made her on my PS3 version.


Ah well, enough about Solitude. This could almost be a game log, but I’m not talking about me recently playing Skyrim. I really should. I haven’t seriously played that game in a while.


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