MNA: The Tone

You know how they say things like “Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?” That’s kinda how I feel at the moment but not really. I’ll try and explain.

I wake up and I’m like a blank slate for the day. If something good happens, it stays blank. It’ll be blank even with some bad stuff too. Then there’s the bad things that leave an impact. They don’t even need to hold a lot of gravity.

Today was one of those days.

I had some terrible cashier today after grocery shopping who didn’t talk to me at all. He didn’t even say a total or whatever. He just stood there. It wasn’t like he couldn’t talk either. He was mumbling something to himself. The worst part was he didn’t give me a receipt and I needed one. At first I thought the guy put it in a bag but he didn’t. Turns out the guy left and the even less helpful customer service could do bugger all for me.

This made me mad at that idiot cashier and sad with myself because I didn’t catch it earlier.

Now, this ended up not being a huge deal, but it impacted my entire day. I am still mad at that guy and even more sad with myself. It echos other little things too. It gave me a headache. I’m frustrated with my phone typing double or triple letters. I sucked completely playing Payday to the point of me just giving up for the day.

When these low impact and random acts bring me down, I’m out of the groove for the rest of the day. I just don’t have it.

I can’t even get over it either. I just need to bloody sleep.


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