RE: Why I Hate Video Games (Probably)

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Give this a read before reading this post. I’m re-thinking some of what I said/adding more to it.


In that post, I talked about difficulty and DLC as a thing gamers want in their video games. I kinda touched upon how I’m pretty neutral to everything and that being neutral makes me look like a not passionate gamer to both other gamers and the companies that make games.


I don’t know why it didn’t hit me before, but I want to add to this with my stance on story. I saw a post on Booker today about how “games with stories are what gamers want.” Is that true? I’m sure it is as least partly true.


I’ve seen videos of big game reviewers/ let’s play people talk about how a lot of games these days are all the same, boring mission. Go here. Get this. Bring it back. Fight these dudes. Talk to this guy. Yes. They don’t like these “copy and paste” missions as I’ve heard it called. I guess it effects the story as well because you end up not caring if the missions are boring or the story just seems forced.


I want to remark on this because it occurred to me that I don’t even play games like this. I don’t look at the games I play and go “oh, the story was so bland and the missions were so repetitive.” I really don’t. Have I felt that way before? Sorta I guess. I was kinda bored of the story mode in GTA 5, but games like that are designed to explore the open world.

Then there’s story in games. People loved The Last Of Us because of the story. They said it was an emotional ride for them. Maybe I’m lacking empathy, but I don’t really get it. I don’t care about the characters. The same goes for Undertale. People loved it because it was emotional.


What I’m missing is what makes it emotional. I’ve read the preface and plot of both games and I just simply don’t see it. Maybe it is something I have to experience. Even then, I’ll probably be annoyed with the focus on story and lack of action. I used to skip all cutscenes in games because I just wanted to get to the fighting or whatever.


There’s only one game I can deem that I was emotionally attached to, but it really isn’t a game at all. It was more of like an interactive movie. This game is To The Moon by the way. In retrospect, I hardly relate to the game at all. Whatever it was made me think of me. The guy worked hard for years and loved his wife. I can see me working hard for years as well and I love my queen. The rest of the plot never happened to me. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but really I only relate to the guy because of those two reasons. The situation he is in, I suppose if I was in too, would make me weary. Thinking if I ever got in that sort of predicament he was in I would be devastated.


That’s just me. There’s a lot of other people who can feel emotion for things that aren’t them. They have that sort of empathy while I guess I lack it. Does it make me a bad person? I hope not, but it makes me sound less human and maybe selfish. I really don’t mean to be this way, mind you. It isn’t that I just lack empathy, I just am oblivious to it. Someone once said “No offense, Chas, but you’re the last guy I’d ever go to with a personal problem.” I don’t take offense. I wouldn’t come to me either.


So, what does this have to do with me hating video games? A big part of games that people want is story where they can feel empathy. Because I tend to be oblivious to the empathetic nature of games, I become not so interested in games.


Look at what I play. Payday 2: a game where you do repetitive tasks over and over again with little to no plot. Euro and American Truck Simulator: a game where you drive a truck and make deliveries over and over again with no other plot.



I don’t know man. I guess “hate” is too strong of a word. Maybe a better title is “Why I’m Probably Not A Gamer.”


Anyway, that’s it really. That was what was on my mind.


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