Lame Pondering As I Ache

Rad Blog.


I believe I have broken myself. Yesterday, I had knee pain at my half our mark during my run and a new pain behind my left ankle. Checking websites, it points to the Achilles Tendon but I don’t think that’s it. I think it is something else. I read about Achilles Tendon relief and it says it should hurt when doing toe raises. I did some toe raises, and I feel perfectly fine.


The pain there is random, but I can bring it on by doing some things. I mean, if I lean on my toes while sticking my knee out, it starts to sorta hurt. I say “sorta” because it doesn’t happen all the time. It makes me think I just sprained my ankle, but that wouldn’t make sense because the whole area below the calf hurts randomly. Is it a dead leg then? No, that’s just the thigh. Nothing is wrong with my thigh.


I was reading into this group of muscles called the Soleus which seems to be my problem. One site showed three areas: one where my current leg pain is below the calf but above the ankle, in the big calf area, and then right around the kidney area. I bring this up because I have had pain in the kidney area for a while now. Maybe my Soleus is deteriorating? I mean, the second area, right in the big part of the calf, hasn’t really effected me. I mean, sometimes I get random, extreme, yet quickly dispersing pain there. Huh. Maybe it really has been deteriorating.


Anyway, enough about my health. That’s boring. I’m sure this thing is just a phase. Even if it isn’t a phase, I’m gonna run it out by pushing through it. The pain in the kidney area hasn’t stopped me yet, so why should this?


Anyway, I had an odd thought this morning while on my drive to work. I saw a police officer had pulled over some other car. Usually, I just do what truck drivers do and change lanes to give them room. Anyway, I was wondering what police officers see that I don’t see. I mean, sure they use their radar to find speeders, but what if they weren’t speeding? I guess I didn’t see the whole incident. I did drive past them so this whole ordeal could have been happening for a little while. They could have like ran a red light or didn’t have a seat belt on or something.


Then again, it really isn’t my place to be checking other drivers for this sort of thing. It isn’t my job to look for violations. All I’m doing is driving. I just gotta make sure someone isn’t going to crash into me or something like that.


I then drove by a truck like I do several times a day. Me being interested in American Truck and Euro Truck Simulator, I always take a look at the kind of truck they have or which kind of trailer they are transporting. Then I think to myself if others think the same way. Do other people on the road go “Hmm, that’s a pretty nice Peterbilt,” and wonder where they are going?


What am I going to have for lunch today? The people in the office near me are always cooking some sort of good smelling pasta dish. When they open the door, it permeates into here and I get hungry.


I cannot figure out for the life of me how to make a new tab open to a blank page rather than the stupid homepage. I will start typing and it acts as if I am typing part of the URL to the homepage and opens to a 404 thing. I tried looking online but I couldn’t find the options that they were talking about so I just am going to put up with it.


Hyrule Warriors Legends is a pretty neat game. I am not that far in it, but I like it. My only complaint is that I wish the enemies would render better, but I blame my old 3DS for that. I haven’t seen the “extreme slowdown” that reviews have been saying. Maybe I’m just used to old Dynasty Warriors games where the game would lag if I did the Musou attack in a sea of enemies.


Who is my favourite Dynasty Warriors character? Huh. I think that warrants a Top 10 post.


Okay, I’ll hop right into it. See ya then.


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