Chas Rad’s Top 10 Dynasty Warriors Characters

Well, I said I would do it, so here it is.


Man, I haven’t written a Top 10/5/Anything post in a while. That’s because they take time and I have been enamoured with Drink Reactions. Anway, I’m going to take a look at one of my favourite games I’ve played in this post.


Dynasty Warriors is a series by Koei that focuses on the time after the Han Dynasty. It mainly focuses on the Three Kingdoms era or whatever the proper term is. Basically, the Han Dynasty was shaken up by the Yellow Turbans and then some general dudes started to go power hungry and claim they were the rightful ruler of China. Anyway, history aside, this game is all about using some awesome warriors and destroying every enemy soldier in your path. I’m serious. Some of the final weapons in the game require you to slay 1000 enemies by yourself.


What this game has is a huge selection of characters, all with different ways to wield their weapons. I’m more impartial to the older Dynasty Warriors games and didn’t really care for anything after the sixth installment. I am warming up to the new gameplay mechanics, but I still prefer the masterpiece that is Dynasty Warriors 3.


Have I played any of Koei’s other games? Why, yes I have. I played Warriors Orochi where the Dynasty Warriors characters meet the Samurai of Japan from their other game called Samurai Warriors  and now I am playing Hyrule Warriors which puts all your favourite characters from the Zelda games into a Dynasty Warriors-type game. I swear, this is the only way I will ever enjoy a Legend of Zelda game.


Anyway, I’ve played a bunch of Dynasty Warriors games and I wanna make a Top 10 list of my favourite characters. This isn’t a list of “best” or “most powerful” but rather my favourite guys for how they play in the game as well as my understanding of their history/story in the game.


10. Sun Quan

Sun Quan is probably the better known ruler of Wu. He is the son of Sun Jian and brother of Sun Ce. Why do I like Sun Quan? I’m a pretty big fan of Wu and the Sun line. Sun Quan is low for me because I hardly used him in any other game but 5. I thought he looked really stupid in Dynasty Warriors 3, especially with his high pitched voice. I guess I admire him taking the reigns of Wu after his father’s death and his loyalty to his family.


9. Ma Chao

Ma Chao just looks awesome. Look at that armour? His helmet is a dragon head. He’s pretty strong. He lead a pretty much failed strike at Cao Cao. He then spent the rest of his life trying to avenge his family’s death at Cao Cao’s hands. I think he’s pretty cool if I’m in a Shu playing mood.


8. Guan Yu

Guan Yu is probably the most cool character on Shu. He is a sworn brother to Liu Bei and Zhang Fei and one of the riders of Red Hare. His beard is magnificent too. I think of him as being one of the strongest fighters in all of Dynasty Warriors too as he can pretty much go head to head with Lu Bu. Guan Yu has pretty big success out of the Dynasty Warriors games too with him being a playable God in Smite and him having a inspired skin for a League of Legends character.



7. Sun Jian


Fear The Tiger of Jian Dong! Sun Jian father of Sun Quan, Sun Ce, and Sun Shang Xiang. He is pretty old fashioned and I feel like he’s pretty kind to his men. He is proud of his family and they too are very proud of their father. When he dies, Sun Ce avenges his death. As a character, I like him better than Sun Quan. He’s a pretty cool guy too, especially if you take into account that rumours say he is a descendant from Sun Tzu. Also, Steve Blum voices him. What’s not to like about that?


6. Zhang He

Zhang He is an odd fellow. His mannerisms are quite flamboyant often training his army with dance. He is a brutal warrior though as he destroyed Ma Su and historically had a bunch of other victories. I don’t really know why he is made flamboyant in the games, but I don’t really care. His weapon is pretty awesome. He is like Wolverine, except he’s a Chinese general. I like using him because he’s speedy and powerful. I find his flamboyant one liners pretty funny too. In Dynasty Warriors 3 his scout reports back with the location of the Shu army and his response is “So, were the enemy camps pretty?”



5.  Gan Ning

Jeeze Chas, another Wu officer? Yep.


Gan Ning was a pirate apparently and then joined up with Wu. He was a pretty awesome warrior for them as he was said to have worn bells as a way to tell his enemies he was coming for them. He’s pretty arrogant, but you gotta hand it to him. He’s pretty awesome. As a character, he’s really fast and when leveled up, he is really powerful. His Musou attack is kinda odd as he just sprints into enemies and at the end spins around with a slice. I used to use it to get to places faster if I didn’t have a horse.



4. Dian Wei

He was the first character I ever used in a Dynasty Warriors game. Look at this dude. Big, buff, and bald. He uses a hand axe which I used to destroy my foes. He has stuck by as one of my favourite characters in the game. He is Cao Cao’s bodyguard and it was said Cao Cao found him in the wilderness while Dian Wei was fighting a tiger with his bare hands. That’s pretty BA, man. He is a loyal bodyguard and sacrificed himself so that Cao Cao could retreat from a surprise attack on his castle. He held an entire army back so Cao Cao could retreat. Loyalty, man.



3. Zhou Tai

Speaking of bodyguards, here’s Sun Quan’s! Okay, maybe he isn’t an official bodyguard, but he saved Sun Quan a lot. He’s silent and deadly. I liked him because of his katana. It was a unique weapon for a Dynasty Warriors game. Eventually, I looked into his story and found that he was extremely loyal to Wu. He’s pretty much your silent killing machine. He just destroys all his foes and then just walks away without a sound.


2. Lu Bu


Don’t pursue Lu Bu. Seriously, it is a really bad idea. You will probably die. Lu Bu is probably the strongest warrior in the game. I used to think he looked pretty stupid with the little antenna things on his head, but that changed. In the game, he is a BA killing machine who rides Red Hare, the fastest horse. He strikes fear into soldier’s hearts as he rides into battle. Unfortunately for him, he is pretty darn stupid. He is a terrible commander often biting off more than he can chew. That still doesn’t stop me from liking him. Historically, he is actually a wimp which is ironic because he is freakin awesome in the game. Kinda odd how they make him awesome in this game, but historically he is a loser and Zhang He who is historically awesome turns out to be a flamboyant weirdo.


1.  Sun Ce


Why Sun Ce? He is historically insignificant and even in the game he is as well. He takes control of Wu after his father dies and then dies himself due to madness. No. I look at it this way. I kinda relate to Sun Ce. He’s young and loyal to his family, much like the rest of the Sun line. When he takes charge of Wu, he expands their territory so much that he is dubbed “The Little Conqueror of  Jiang Dong.” He is a pretty cool and laid back dude as well, but in combat he fights hard. I guess I like him because he is just a likable dude. His weapons in the game are kinda cool too. I don’t know why he is my number one pick, but I just truly like him the best out of all the characters. Maybe it is because Yuri Lowenthal’s voice just adds to his character.


That’s it! Did I include your favourites too? Did I miss on yours? I have some honourable mentions.


Honourable Mentions!

Zhao Yun, Jiang Wei, Sun Shang Xiang, Cao Cao, and Xiahou Dun


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