Drop A Heart

Rad Blog,

Prompt time. I know they have been pretty lame but I just need to write something here.

Drop is the prompt and I’m supposed to react to this word. Well, here comes me.


Drop. What can I say about drop? I titled the post after a Fall Out Boy song (when they were good), but the act of dropping is something extremely natural. Not everything can be caught correctly. It is a matter of gravity and weight. Some people are just terrible at catching things.


Sometimes dropping something is on purpose. You drop a hint because you want someone to find something out or you drop some weight because you want to be healthy.


Well, I’m gonna drop right into The Daily Post’s lackadaisical hand and do a more symbolic reasoning of the word “drop.” You win this round, but I still think your trend of dropping questions from the Daily Prompts is dumb.


I’ve been thinking about age a lot recently. I’m not old. I know this. There’s loads of people older than me that probably think this post is going to be a complaint about age. It isn’t. Well, it might be, but not in the way you’re thinking it will be.


On the other hand, there’s loads of people younger than me.


This is my issue, see? I’m 24. I’m at the peak of being considered a youngin’ and being considered a “man.” I’m not intimidated by either. In fact, I hardly think that way of myself, but listen here.


I’m at this point in life where going back to school is out of the question for me. I’m not dumb. Getting my Masters in anything would be a terrible mistake. I need job experience first.


This is where I find an odd gap. I’m too old to be considered part of the college crowd of seasonal workers or part-time out of school for the month kids. I’m now in the work force, but I am too young to be considered a work veteran. The longest I’ve been at a place of work is about 2 years. That’s nothing. Some of these people have been here for 15 plus. Obviously, they are older than I am.


Do you see what I’m looking at now? I’m in this odd gap where I’m not at the right age for anything. This affects my social skills too at work. I mean, I’m at a college. I can talk to the students here, but they are younger than I am and still think that when they graduate that their degree is going to help them in some way. I mean, maybe it will, but most will end up like me. In the meantime, everyone I work with is years older than me. They like things like yard work and Dancing With the Stars. Seriously, when I worked in one of the offices, that’s all these ladies used to talk about all day. It isn’t even a gender issue. The guys talk about yard work and American Football. I freaking hate American Football and yard work.

I just find that there’s an age gap between our interests. What brings me into their conversations is like I’ll bring up something like “Wow, this computer speaker’s audio quality is horrible!” then they will be like “Oh yeah! It used to be like that with cassettes, but I doubt you know what a cassette even is. Oh Barney! Didn’t you used to own that one Capenters cassette. Those were the days, man.”


First of all, I know what a bloody cassette is. My parents had a bunch and besides, I’m a retro game enthusiast where some old games were on a cassette. Granted, I may not know everything, but people just assume I don’t. It is a safe assumption, but this is besides the point. 99% of the time older people will assume I don’t know what “this” is and that’s exactly what creates this age gap I’m trying to describe. I bet that Barney doesn’t know what the theme to Bubble Man’s stage sounds like either, but he was probably 20 years younger so therefore it isn’t out of his range. It is a matter of interest.


Now, now. I know what you’re saying. “Chas, just surround yourself with like-minded individuals,” and “What does this even have to do with ‘drop?'”


I’m getting to that.


I can’t just surround myself with like-minds. It doesn’t work like that. Am I supposed to go up to everyone I see and say “Hey, who do you like in MvC 2?” No.


So, I just opt to drop out of everything. I’m dropping out of physical social life. Heck, I might even do it online too because I’m connecting to fewer and fewer people. Everything I like is either taken over by a younger crowd that has no respect for the originals or so old that people consider it nostalgic.

I think I’ve said it on this blog before. I do not like nostalgia. To be nostalgic is to look back. I keep all my stuff that’s important to me, no matter the age, close. It is always in the present for me. It might be of nostalgic value to others, but I’m stuck in time I guess.

Maybe it isn’t me that’s dropping out, but rather I’m being dropped into this odd area. Eventually, I’ll be able to relate. Right? One day?

Anyway, I’m dropping this post. Don’t drop out of high school unless it is for a good reason like you’re going to some trade school or you gotta take care of personal things. Drop the curtain. Pirates are always looking for a drop of rum. To soothe a cough, I’d recommend a cough drop. The rain drops keep falling on my head. The UPS guy took my drop-off package.


Okay. I promise. I’ll drop this once and for all. No more “drop” usage. I’m going to the drop off point now. For real this time.


Well, I’m done for real this time.


Drop a comment if you want.


2 thoughts on “Drop A Heart

  1. Ha great post. Take out the drop and it’s pure gold. I considered doing some daily prompts too since people actually click on that shit. Anyway, you know what the solution is. Just fucking like yard work already. And for Christ sake get on the American Football train. Join Draft Kings. Learn weird stats. Play Madden 2089 or whatever it is. That’s the only way to get ahead around here.


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