Game Log: Train Simulator- Day 1

Chew chew, Rad Blog!


In my last stream of Euro Truck, I met a guy that I’ll call Scania Trucker. He suggested that I stream Train Simulator. I told him I didn’t have it then he showed me a place where I could get it for really cheap. I already knew about this place and decided to just get it. Considering how much the game is, I think I got it for a bargain. It even came with some of the DLC which costs about the same as the base game.


Anyway, last night I jumped into the world of being a train conductor. I figured that I like driving trucks, the next logical step would be trains. Both are in the transportation industry and there’s no good bus simulators out there. There’s a ship one, but it really just throws you into a ship and tells you nothing.


So, I now am a train conductor. The first thing I did was jump to the “academy” mode which serves as a trainer. I picked the old school locomotive to try. Maybe I shouldn’t because I had no idea what I was doing. The tutorial messages were inconsistent and I ended up going backwards on accident.


Eventually, I figured out how to go forward and I did go for a little, but the tutorial on how to stop the train didn’t really come up correctly so I just ended up quitting.


I then decided that I would take my chances and jump straight into a career mode job. I saw a few options such as a train line from London to Peterborough and a line around NYC. I decided to go American and try the train there. To my surprise, it was a sort of subway track. It told me to wait for the passengers to get on and then I should start. I waited for a moment, thinking the passengers were on board, but they weren’t apparently. I got a penalty of -200 points for going. I then proceeded to go too far too, fast out of the station and crashed into a wall.


Then I decided that maybe I should have stayed in the academy.


To my delight, I found a tutorial section in the academy. Unlike the old school locomotive, it gave me scenarios where the tutorial messages told me how to run a line. I tried the NYC line again and this time it told me that I had to open the doors for passengers. Oops. Guess I didn’t realize that I had to, you know, open the doors.


Anyway, it taught me how to drive the drain and where to look for the speedometer and how to navigate speed limits. Yeah! Speed limits! I didn’t know trains had em!


Anyway, this tutorial really helped because it taught me how to stop at a station correctly and drop off passengers. I was very happy with it. I only did the simple controls at first. I haven’t done the “expert” controls yet, which is fine because I’m still having fun and getting used to the simple controls.


I then did the other two tutorial missions in London and Munich. I didn’t really like the train in London, but the Munich train was pretty nice. I still prefer the NYC subway train.


After completing all three tutorials, I found a “quick drive” mode where it lets me pick a train, a track, and my stops. It isn’t a mission or anything. It is just free driving. I picked a train called the Ice- T because I love AriZona. It was apparently a German train for high speed rail lines? I think. That’s what the game said anyway. I then picked NYC again going from the first station to the last. I wanted to see a full ride. It was a lot like the tutorial missions in that I picked the simple controls. I didn’t have to take anyone anywhere, but I pretended that I picked up some passengers. I then operated the train. I was having a lot of fun, and I found the “chew chew” button so you know I spammed that a lot.


This game is a lot like Euro Truck or American Truck in that you spend time driving and looking at the environment. This game is pretty much real time though. Like, it says “ETA 1 hour.” That means it will actually take a real life hour. I’m serious. The only thing I did for that hour was change speeds. I’m getting better at it, but for the stream, it was quite boring. I didn’t have anyone to talk to so I was just mumbling about what I needed to do. The Ice T was a pretty nice train. The “chew chew” sounded like an electric guitar.


I eventually finished my run and stopped at the station pretty much perfectly. I now feel like I can almost be a subway train operator in NYC. At the end of a run, it shows you how you did like average speed and what you did wrong. I was speeding a few times, but I am still trying to get used to how to slow down and speed up in the train. I think I’m getting better, especially for my first time. I also had improper use of the “chew chew” over 40 times. Well, excuse me! I can’t help that I have enthusiasm for making the “chew chew” sound. I’m sure there’s other tutorials on how to do the proper “chew chew” and I’m sure there’s a lot of other, more complicated stuff like how to change lanes or whatever. We’ll see that in the future. For right now, I’m just gonna do these quick drives and “chew chew” to my heart’s content.


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