Izacar and Papill

The small, shady borough of Omen Heights, was not a place of pleasure for creatures. Most found it rather unnerving as it was once the home of carnivorous plants. Those days had passed since the Viking Deer waged their war against them. Now, Omen Heights was a wannabe suburb of the more pleasurable and tourist-friendly Chimeraton.

What was notable about Omen Heights was that it really wasn’t all that high. In fact, it was basically at sea level. Flooding from high tide left the streets and businesses mostly moldy. The few creatures that lived there either put up with their predicament, or thrived from it. It was hard for a bacteria-eating creature to hate this place, but for Papill, it was less lovable.


Papill owned a tailor shop in the part of town that was least likely to be flooded by the algae-ridden sea water. As a child, his wings were considered most magnificent. People, including his parents, thought he would go on to become a silk spinner for the stars. At first, he relished being in such demand. His wings were not just noticeable by his family and friends, but soon caught the eyes of celebrity fashion designers. He went under the apprenticeship of one only to be bullied out by the enormous pressure. His production was amped far too much to the point where the stress alone deteriorated his wings. Now, he was a washed up tailor who barely could make knock-off tail coats.


Papill, thought more useless as his youth escaped with his wings, still had a small following. His best friend growing up owned a chewing gum business in Chimeraton. He would always make the trip, in his case a short one, to Omen Heights to have his tail coats fashioned.


Today, he came into Papill’s shop with a more enthusiastic tempo.

“Good morning, Papill!” he said just squeezing in through the normal sized door.

“Izacar! Man, come on! You always do this. I bought the area on the side of the shop so you don’t have to go breaking down the walls, you big lizard.”

“Aw, come on. I have awesome new news for you,” Izacar said in a slight sing-songy manner. He tilted his head and gave Papill his charming, full fanged smile.  Papill looked at Izacar with heavy eyes. He then removed the cigar from its engraved spot on the side of his mouth from years of stogie smoking and gave a heavy sigh.

“Fine, what is it now? A new jingle for your gum?” Papill gruffed.


“Even better!” Izacar tried to put his tiny hands together, but because of his torso size, it didn’t happen. He tried regardless. “I have a new flavour that’s sweeping the nation. I call it, Fuchsia Fun!”

Papill glared at Izacar, now crossing his four arms. “Fuchsia, fun. Huh. Okay, so I’m guessing you want a new tail coat to unveil it or something?”

Izacar’s eyes fluttered to fantasy. His fanged smile grew even wider.

“Oh no, what do you want now?” Papill said now taking a long puff from his cigar.

“Can you,” Izacar hesitated, “make a fuchsia coat for me?” As soon as he finished, Papill open his mouth in protest but Izacar cut him off before he could say anything.

“Aw come on, Papill! You can do it. You still have some colours in you. I know it!”

“You know this, how? I haven’t made anything but grey and black for years and now you expect me to, what? Go down nostalgia boulevard and make schomething for you, princess? No. Those days are over.” Izacar’s eyes hollowed. Papill took another long draw from his cigar and puffed out the smoke with a sigh.

“Hey, look. I’ll make it shiny for you, ight? You’re my pal. Sorry to get all on your case. You’ve really helped me out here,” Papill said feeling sorry.

“No, I know it was a big request. You haven’t done anything for years. I should realize that you aren’t the same as the old days. They really messed you up. Shiny is great. I like shiny.” Izacar popped his head out of the tiny tailor shop. Before he closed the door, Papill shouted to him.

“I’m get right on it. I’m sure you’ll be dying to try it on like you usually are.”

Izacar marched back to the city when he was stuck with a brilliant idea. He leapt back to Papill’s shop, barging in through the door.

“What in the…?” Papill said, jumping from his stool.

“I got it! I know how we can make it fuchsia!” Izacar said, reaching into his small vest pocket that was positioned perfectly so he could reach it with his tiny arms. He pulled out a few sticks of gum.

“Gum? I know chewing gum helps stimulate the brain, but I doubt I’ll be able to bring back my ability to make colour again,” Papill said with a smirk.

“No! This is my new gum! I’ll just case the tail coat with it. It’ll make it look fantastic!”

“That has to be the worst idea I’ve ever heard. You’re gonna put gum on a tail coat?”

Izacar stuck all four packs he had in his pocket into his mouth. He began chewing violently.

“Go, go!” he said in a muffled mess, dripping saliva all over the shop.

Papill sighed and put out his cigar. He shook his head and went to work spinning some silk. Eventually, he finished the new, gigantic tail coat for his friend.

“All right, let’s see your idea now,” Papill said now relighting his cigar.  Izacar quickly spout out his giant wad of gum onto the coat. The fuchsia mess splattered on the bottom of the tail encasing it in a stick adhesive.

“This looks,” Papill started

“Awesome!” Izacar shouted happily

“Terrible!” Papill bemoaned at the same time.

“Aw, come on. I’ll just fix it here and there,” Izacar said using his giant head as a sort of spreading device. The wad of gum barely covered the bottom half of the tailcoat.

“If you wear this at your unveiling, you’re going to ruin my already ruined reputation,” Papill groaned.

“No! It just needs more gum! I’ll take care of it! I can’t wait to try it on! Thank you so much, buddy!” Izacar took the tailcoat gently in his bite and draped it over his small arm. He popped out of the door way and ran off happily.

Papill floated over to the door to close it, but leaned out it and took one last look back out to the now miles away Izacar. He shook his head and gave a half smile.

“It’s a wonder that his kinda aren’t extinct” he chuckled.





This is from my friend Dragonmaiden on Neoseeker. She gave me a few prompts and I went ahead and wrote this stupid story about a few of them. This is pretty light-hearted and quite silly. That’s how I like my stories.


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