Topic of DA Day 13: Frog Outbreak

Rad Blog.


Listen, the daily prompts have been awful. They are just one word reaction prompts, not a question anymore. I guess I bashed them before about their dumb or repetitive questions, but now it is like they open a dictionary, close their eyes, and point to a word and that’s the prompt. Seriously? What am I supposed to say about “object?” The object of a sentence effects the adjectival usage of some words? That’s boring.


What I did do was  go on Neoseeker (again) to ask my friends for some topics, much like the original Topic of DA Day posts (go ahead and read them here) where I asked my work buddies or the kids at work for a topic.


I have a few responses. As you know, I like to keep these sorta serious. I mean, I can’t do the ones Dragonmaiden listed because those are physically impossible. Maybe the T-Rex one, but no! I’ll do that in short story form.


I will, however, do the one Oglop posted because that is something I can imagine.


A sudden outbreak of frogs then?


I believe this sort of thing is uncommon, but not improbable. I think I’ve read of places that had huge outbreaks of other animals like crabs or flamingos. I think it was crabs anyway. Don’t look up “mass outbreak of crabs.” It is going to give you results for the STDs.  Shoulda thought twice about that one myself…


Anyway, a mass of break of frogs would be kinda odd. Frogs aren’t really creatures that huddle together, are they? When I think of herds of animals, frogs do not really cross my mind. Is it out of the question? Maybe not. I mean, their pond or whatever could have some sort of chemical imbalance and all the frogs living there could up and move. They could then plague a town with their amphibious hopping.


I am sure that sort of thing would inconvenience everyone. Frogs are squishy and if someone accidentally stepped on one, well, the results aren’t very nice. A squished frog is not like a squished bug. If you squish a bug, you just get a small squished mark that can easily get blown away with a small breeze. A frog, no. They are larger and probably have more blood and guts. Gross. Imagine a car just driving through the street filled with frogs. No. On second thought, don’t.


Isn’t an outbreak of frogs considered one of the signs of an apocalypse or something? No, that’s locust.


I looked up “outbreak of frogs” on Bing and it showed that frogs give salmonella. What? Really? I thought that sort of thing was from raw eggs.


Yeah, the Wikipedia article on salmonella is too long, but I guess you can get it through other stuff. I guess it is just more common in uncooked meats.


Well, that would be a cause for concern then if there was an outbreak of frogs. It could lead to a lot of people getting very sick.


I think we can agree that an outbreak of frogs is probably a bad thing. No one really wants all those frogs around, especially if they can cause salmonella. Luckily, I believe this sort of thing is really rare as I don’t think frogs live in large groups. It would be bad for their hunting. Too many frogs in one area means more competition for bugs. I think they live further away so they don’t have to deal with the competition. They don’t graze like cows or elks do.


How can I spin this outbreak to be a good thing?


Frog legs? They are kinda tasty to some people. I wouldn’t know as I’ve never tried them before. An outbreak of frogs means more frog legs to cook? That’s really all I can think of for a positive note.


Well, thanks Oglop for this topic. Let’s hope we don’t see this for…well, ever.



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