Game Log: Nation States- Day 1

I saw a post by my friend on Neoseeker about this “game” called Nation States. It places you in charge of your own fictitious nation where you run your own nation. I started it last night and I will give you the origins of my nation, Capfalcon.


Capfalcon is a nation that was started by me when I took my group, The Rad Squad, out to ward off barbarians. We were frowned upon by the homeland for our “interesting” methods of fighting back barbarians. On this mission, we were going to attack the heart of the largest barbarian group and eliminate them in hopes to win back our honour. We drove deep into their ranks, destroying them with ease. Eventually, I cornered their leader. He, begging for his life, gave me an idea. He knew of our dishonour in the homeland and offered a way to stick it to them. Me, along with The Rad Squad would instead unify the dwindling barbarian tribes into one large country, far too big for the homeland to ignore. We would settle on the borderlands of the homeland and start our own nation. I agreed with him and thus started Capfalcon.


Tired of the pettiness of the homeland, I decided that my advisers and I would take control of the nation in an autocracy. This did not please our new migrants from the homeland, seeking the thrill of settling on the borderlands.


I decided that I have no tolerance for arguments. It was my rule. I called for fewer political freedoms in hopes that it would keep our new nation involved with making money. Private industry boomed with my tax cuts. People had jobs, but this was the borderlands after all. Crime is extremely high despite me focusing on my defence budget. There is no way I would allow the homeland to strike back.


A few policies saw some more taxes on my businesses. I believe my advisers have placed them by mistake and I aim to increase business again when my time to act is necessary. Currently, our economy is down, possibly by fear or lack of motivation.


In hopes to dash the crime rate, I outlawed gambling and alcohol. Unfortunately, t he people did not take this well and the black market is on the rise. I aim to stop this and promote free enterprise.


I do not have time for the likes of education, health care, or faith-based activities. I defunded anything relating to spiritual activities, while I have left education and health care to their own devices.


Looking at my specifics, the leading cause of death is Old Age. Thankfully, the murder rate is down.


Apparently, scurvy is a problem…


My latest issue dealt with the people ignoring my anti-protesting laws. They are trying to push for democracy. I believe my autocrat ruling is fine and just. I am doing all that I can for my people and the oppose my rule feels a bit disheartening. A rebel asked me personally to end my autocracy and put back elections. My defence adviser said I should call the riot police and have all these riots silenced. My bodyguard suggested that I bring back elections, but only for low level offices. My commerce adviser said that instead of giving them rights, just place in some major projects to show that I care. Finally, my science adviser stated that I should poison the water. No. really. I should poison the water to “brainwash” them.


I couldn’t let the people have their democracy. They would vote me out of office instantly and we would soon turn into what the homeland used to be. I couldn’t call for more violence against the people. My crime rate is already far too high and a gag order would just cause more problems. Bringing back election would be wise as I could pick the candidates myself and have the people pick who they like the best, but that is still democracy. I eventually decided to show I am a benevolent ruler and place many public works projects in hopes that this would appease the people. So far, the riots have died down, but my spending on defence had to be cut to afford the new public sanctions. This, I hope, is temporary.


It is odd. I want to rule as an autocrat, but I also do not want to the government to be too huge. It is an odd predicament. Perhaps I should have listened to my bodyguard and let the people vote for the candidates I pick.


Oh well. We will soon find out what I have to do next.


If you’d like to join, check it out here.


You can also check out my nation here.


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