Topic Of DA Day 12: Secret

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Daily Prompt time.


This was just a kinda eh prompt. It wants me to respond to the word “secret” so I am going to do a Topic of DA Day post since I haven’t done one of these in a long time. Got it? Good.


Secrets are actions or thoughts that are usually kept hidden from others in an attempt to deceive them. That sounds kinda harsh, but deceiving others is sometimes a good thing.


My ma always told me that lying was a terrible thing and that I should avoid it. I sorta agree, but aren’t secrets just lies? In a way, yes. You aren’t being totally honest with something because holding a secret is holding back a bit of truth.


I mean, some secrets are huge. Some are not. I think this increases the gravity of secrets.


In grade school, friends would have a secret crush on a girl or boy. They wouldn’t tell anyone because they didn’t want the girl or buy to find out they liked them. That’s quite harmless. People not knowing that so-and-so had a crush on other so-and-so is not harming anymore. They aren’t going to die if you withhold that kind of information. No one is going to get hurt.


Though a bigger secret is like saying you saw some murderer kill someone and you don’t tell anyone in hopes that the murderer doesn’t come for you. We see it on television all the time. That’s a big secret with huge gravity.


Now, telling a secret is kind of a measure of trust. The measure tests the strength of the relationship between the two people and the sincerity of the secret. What do I mean?


Let’s go back to the school kids and I’ll name them.


Bimmy has a crush on Jody. Bimmy is a loser-kid and Jody is in the “in” crowd. Basically, I’m Bimmy.


Anyway, Bimmy likes her and he decides to that he can’t hold his secret thoughts any longer. He then has a few choices. He can either hold on to the secret, which will eat away at his very soul and will result in him either blurting it out in public, or him getting over it. He can tell his best friend. He could tell his parents or relatives.


There’s a few “strong” people he can tell this secret to in his parents. Chances are, his parents love him enough and will give him tips on how to warm up to Jody. They could also be super immature and call Jody’s parents and blab about it. If Bimmy does tell his parents and he has a sibling, his sibling could be vengeful and tell his or her friends thus releasing his secret.


We can cut that out and go directly to a friend. Friends kinda suck in grade school. There’s a reason why there’s a phrase that goes “as cruel as school children.” Unless Bimmy and his friend Gazpacho are super, super close, there’s a chance it gets leaked.


Bimmy could also go out and tell a “in” kid, but that even further weakens the bond.


So, what I’m saying is that Bimmy telling his secret to his parents shows a pretty strong bond. They have been raising him well (hopefully) and he feels like he can go to them. Therefore, their relationship is strong and the secret’s weight isn’t as heavy.


On the other hand, telling Gazpacho is less advised because Gazpacho is unpredictable. Bimmy and him haven’t been together for Bimmy’s whole life. I mean, they could have, but Gazpacho is a different human that isn’t raising him. Gazpacho has different qualities of life that he’ll pick up from his own parents. Bimmy and him could both be loser-kids, but that doesn’t stop Gazpacho from having a vengeful side. That bond is less strong, even if they are best pals and therefore the weight of the secret is a bit heavier.

Then we go to Bimmy telling the “in” kid I’ll name Colby. Colby and Bimmy only know each other from school. While Colby hasn’t really had a negative relationship with Bimmy, he also doesn’t really care about him. Their relationship is very, very weak and therefore a secret with a heavy weight for Bimmy will feel like nothing to Colby.


I want to add in outliers. There’s that odd kid in class we’ll call Chester. Chester loves pandas and he studies them so much that he is socially awkward. Chester is not malicious either. In fact, he is overly helpful and usually the first to volunteer to help pass out crayons or whatever for the teacher. If Bimmy, who sees Chester as a pretty reliable kid, tells him, Chester is unpredictable. He is helpful in nature and might think that telling Jody will make Bimmy happy. It will not.


What I’m saying is, socially awkward kids will not understand the gravity of secrets. They simply do not think of relationships as an intricate process. They think of relationships as a like or dislike with no in between. They would place everyone in one single group regardless of the varying degrees.


See, this is innocent secrets. Let’s talk about one that has a huge gravity to anyone.


Seymour is running for president of the USA and he has his hand in the criminal activity. He helped orchestrate a deal where drugs were traded for gold. Obviously, he would not want the public to know about this, so he keeps it a secret. The only people that know of this deal are the people that participated in it.


Now, this is a strong secret because of the gravity. What is the gravity for this? Unlike Bimmy’s situation, this could result in major jail time. Bimmy would just get laughed at for a while and that would be that. Seymour and his cronies will spend a lot of time in jail and Seymour, being a politician, would find himself with a huge scandal thus probably ruining his presidential race.


How solid is this secret? Well, unbeknownst to Seymour, one of the cronies is an egomaniac. He posted online about how much money it made it through the grapevine to a guy called Lane. Lane runs a band of Robin Hood-like crooks that break into his loft after selling him some bugged artwork and steal the gold he has in his hidden vault and replacing it with drugs. They then broadcast the deal to the media who in turn sees Seymour for who he is.


Yes. I basically just described Framing Frame.


What I’m saying is this. Secrets has weight. People will hold them for as long as possible, but like anything that’s being held, sometimes the weight gets released. If you are holding something heavier, obviously it is easier to drop it, but even something small like a pen may get heavy if you hold it for a long time.


My advise for secrets? Hold them, but be ready to deal with the repercussions. The best secrets are the ones that won’t hold much weight. Even heavy ones can be spun to seem not so heavy.


That is the topic. Secrets. This has been kinda boring.


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