The Roman Empire (1000)

Rad Blog!


With this post, we hit the big 1000! Dang, man. Did I think when I made this blog that I’d make it to 1000 posts? I highly doubt it.


Okay, maybe this isn’t technically 1000 to the readers. Why is that? Well, I have some posts set to private so they don’t see the public eye. Just take my word for it. This is the 1000th post here.


I don’t really care about milestones in post counts. I care more about years of blogging, but 1000 is kinda cool. I’m just gonna dedicate this post to it and write about the…Roman Empire? Okay.


What do I know about the Romans? I mean, I studied them in high school, but I didn’t really care or pay attention. My knowledge of them is based on what Civ 5 tells me. What does it say? It says they were pretty awesome in war and the soldiers could build roads. That sounds pretty useful to me.


I also like the Romans a lot in Civ. I used them the first time I played and when I finally get the achievement for using all the civilizations, I think I’m just going to mainly use them.


Well, here’s to more Rad Blogging! I don’t have any Drink Reactions lined up yet, but my Queen has 2 she still has to do. Be on the lookout for them!


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