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If you didn’t know by the title, Pokemon apparently has turned 20 today. The big two-zero!


What can I say? I’ve been alive that entire time. It is truly something I have grown up with and it continues to expand to this very day. Apparently, there’s going to be another new generation of Pokemon coming with, what I’m hearing, two new games. Someone said they are called Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Does this mean Lunatone and Solrock are going to get evolutions? I don’t know. I probably won’t get it, but I said that after Pokemon Black so there’s that…


Anyway! Pokemon. You cannot deny its influence. People know what it is. It has swept the world. It is also one of the main things that launched me into liking video games.

I recall Christmas of  ’98 where I woke up to a brand new Game Boy Color and Pokemon Red! I played the heck out of that game. I didn’t even know how to read very well, yet I still managed to play though it. There’s evidence of it too as my main character’s name is B and my rival’s name is U!, including the exclamation mark. Luckily, my team had cool names, which is what brings me to this post. I want to honour my MVPs from each of my original squad. I’m going game by game and awarding the title of MVP a member from each generation. I’m talking strictly by my original playthrough as I’ve beaten Pokemon Red multiple times on different ports.


At the very end, I will give the Rad Award to the Pokemon out of all my playthroughs has proven to be the best.


What’s my criteria? I’m going by a few things. First, they had to be a memorable Pokemon to make my dream team of 6. Second, they had to have helped me in the game in some significant way. Third, I gotta think they are rad enough to mention. I mean, sure I had Arceus help me in Platinum, but he was level 100 when I got him and mostly  buffer so I wouldn’t lose or something. He won’t count.



Pokemon Red


Ah, the one that started it all. I still go back to this game from time to time in hopes to finally raise the original crew to level 100. So far, most are like level 97 with two at level 100.


So, as a boy, I was given one of the hardest tasks I’ll ever face in my entire life: Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle?


Well, it wasn’t actually that hard. Charmander was my companion who I begged my dad to name for me. I wanted to call him “Flamethrower” but it didn’t fit so I settled with “Flame.” Flame it was! Flame and I set forth on a journey that in retrospect is probably one of the most fun I’ve had in my entire life. Older people won’t understand this maybe, but the fact that me, a fan of the show seeing 10 year old Ash go out on his own, is now able to emulate that though Pokemon Red. I never wanted Pikachu as my starter and happily picked the lil guy with the flame tail. This was my journey. I would catch the Pokemon I wanted!


Anyhow, I couldn’t read very well so it took me forever to understand that I had to take Oak’s Parcel to Oak and that it was not, as I tried so very hard to use, a Pokeball to catch Pokemon. Eventually, I figured it out (I wasn’t bright then, I’m not bright now). At this point, Charmander was around level 12 and I had to face Brock. I still didn’t know how to use Pokeballs, so all I could do was use scratch on a rock-type Pokemon. It took a long time, but I eventually beat him. Charmander even evolved to Charmeleon before Misty when I spent a long time in Mt. Moon. I picked the Dome Fossil, but was frustrated in trying to take it to the museum. I eventually gave up and fought Misty, again with just Flame. Water type versus a fire type. That too, took a long time, but Flame prevailed.


Eventually, to progress I needed other Pokemon. Flame was a strong Charizard by then, but he needed support. He was then joined by Dux the Farfetch’d, Diggers the Dugtrio, Sailor the Dewgong, Arty the Articuno, and Dome the Kabuto.


It wasn’t until after Silver came out that I found my true team which was the same except Dome was replaced by a Mew who would be replaced by a Venusaur later.


This was the first game I got all the Pokemon. I had a guide book with a sticker checklist. I would put the sticker on the Pokemon’s entry when I caught them. The last one I had to place was Dragonite. It was a good day.


So, the Rad crew of Red.


Flame the Charizard, Dux the Farfetch’d, Diggers the Dugtrio, Sailor the Dewgong, Arty the Articuno, and Mew.


Flame was the OG. He will always be remembered as the one that started it all. He was my first level 100. He was there for my final battle with U!. He’s been there and he will always stay there.

Dux helped me in my quest. As a normal type, he could learn the HM move Cut. That helped me in the game, but not only because he was good with HM moves. He provided Flame a hand…er wing. He is not level 100 yet, but he has certainly helped me and inspired my small love for Farfetch’d.

Diggers the Dugtrio. He was never the strongest on the team, but always a versatile member. His move, Fissure, had helped me take out one of Lance’s Dragonites when I was trying to give Flame a rest. I soon found out that Arty was much better, but Diggers was always there.

Sailor the Dewgong. I didn’t know what to expect when I traded that guy for a Seel. I thought I would never use it, but Sailor quickly became Flame’s right hand man. Sailor is the other level 100 on the team and is just as steady as Flame. Sailor fought hard against Bruno’s team, making sand out of his rock types.


Arty is an Articuno. Articuno is my favourite “legendary” Pokemon and catching Articuno was cool. I had a friend in school that used an Articuno and called it Arthur. He would talk about how cool it was and I wanted one too. Arty was probably the “left hand man” to Flame as he Lance so much easier with his Blizzard move.


Mew was just cool. Getting a Mew back then required knowing someone that knew the glitch or knowing someone that actually got it from an event. I got it from a guy that knew the glitch, I guess. Anyway, Mew was cool and though I didn’t use it very often, it still provided the closure I needed for the sixth member.


I have to award the MVP to Flame. Did you expect anything different?

Pokemon Blue

I got Pokemon Blue a while after Red since I wanted to catch all the Pokemon. I mean, it is the tagline, right? Gotta Catch Em All?


Blue was way less significant because I already beat Red and Silver was out too. I mainly used Blue as a way to use the Missingno glitch. My game would apparently give me level 100 Pokemon with that and I stupidly caught one. By the way. Catching Missingno? Doesn’t nothing. The myth was that if you caught one, you’d lose all your data and it would ruin the Game Boy. Nope. It just gave me a really crappy level 100 Marowack.


Rad crew of Blue?

I can’t remember all their names. Most were probably misspelled.

Tank the Blastoise, Star the Starmie, Lee the Hitmonlee, Dud the Marowack, Fire Bird the Moltres, Aerodactyl.


I honestly can’t remember most of their contributions at all. I’ll pick Dud the Marowack because he taught me that level 100 isn’t always the best. Thanks for the lesson Dud. Seriously, I named him Dud.


Note! I never finished Pokemon Yellow. I gave it to my brother so he could start his very first Pokemon journey. In that game, I had a Charmander eventually and named it Baby Flame since it was Flame’s successor. Baby Flame wasn’t nearly as good as his mentor, but he was good nonetheless.


Pokemon Silver

I loved the new generation of Pokemon. Going from Johto back to Kanto?! Amazing! We’ve never seen that again in a Pokemon game. Why not?! Come on, Pokemon Sun and Moon! Let us go back to Kalos or something. I’m biased about Kalos, but we’ll talk about that later.

Unfortunately for me, Silver was always temperamental. I think that’s because I finally learned the infamous clone glitch. Before that, my brother saved over my data and I lost everything after I was so close to beating the Elite Four.


There isn’t a lot to say about the Pokemon in this game because my entire team was cloned Feraligatrs. Okay, fine. I had a Lugia too. Lugia is a really cool Pokemon, but what is he? Is he a water-type? Nope. He is a psychic and flying type. Why does he live underwater then?!


Rad team?

5 Feraligatrs named Chomper and a Lugia named Luigi.


MVP goes to one of the Chompers, probably the original. He spawned a clone army. Come on, man. That’s pretty cool.


I didn’t have Gold and I just got Crystal. I haven’t started it yet. Gold was my brother’s game.


Pokemon Ruby

It really felt like a long time after that I got Ruby. In fact, it wasn’t even my game. My brother was getting into it and I was in that “I’m too cool for Pokemon” phase. Eventually, he let me play Ruby since he was too busy with Sapphire and Emerald.


I didn’t like Ruby that much. I mean, I loved the contests, but it wasn’t the same. I didn’t care about the Pokemon and I didn’t really care about the game itself. It felt tedious to me. I did have a good team, mostly of my brother’s rejects, but they were mine all the same.


Rad crew of Ruby.


Luigi the Crobat, Sanji the Medicham, Anthony the Pelipper, Manny the Swampert, Gene the Golem, Bell the Bellossom.


Luigi quickly made me change my tune about Zubats. I thought they were annoying like most people, but Luigi was fast and couldn’t flinch. He swept trainers like no tomorrow. He was fast, purple, and awesome. He also spawned an army, but not of clones. They were his children from eggs. They weren’t nearly as useful as the clone army of Chomper, but they were unique and equally strong.

Sanji was my brother’s reject. He named his Pokemon after his favourite manga, One Piece. I got Sanji and trained him. At first he was quite useless. He fainted a lot, but as he got in the higher 70’s, he was one of the main reason I beat the Elite Four. I hadn’t beat the Elite Four in that game until years later. I think I stopped because it was too hard for me. I gave up easily…

Anthony was the egg of my brother’s Pelipper named Nigel. Anthony was a little Wingull that who my brother was going to release, but I stopped him and took it for myself. Another spawn of Pelipper was another Wingull egg I ended up naming Oh So Icy. Yeah…odd name. Oh So Icy never really materialized, but he’s still around. He wasn’t nearly as useful as Anthony, who was never the best fighter, but a good Pokemon to use in a pinch.

Manny was my starter. Do I like Mudkips? Not really. Like I said, I didn’t really care about Generation 3. Manny was very useful. I would say he was the star of the crew until Luigi really just blew away the competition (almost literally with his flying type moves). Manny was not a sore loser. He was a very handy number 2.

Gene was a Geodude for the longest time. For some reason, I really thought Geodude was cute and wanted to keep him that way. Eventually, he was getting beat so easily I ended up evolving him to Golem where he had the last laugh. He was rock solid, but wasn’t ever a good fighter. I’d throw him in the fray when I needed some high resistance. He actually knew a lot of moves ranging from fire blast to earthquake so I would say he was the utility man.

Bell was one of the first female Pokemon I ever used. I wanted to use a Bellossom to see if it was better than Vileplume. She was quite good, but always the baby of the team. She never held her own in battle unless it was a water type. Still, I liked her and kept using her pretty much throughout the game.


MVP has to go to Luigi the Crobat.


Pokemon Sapphire

You would know I beat this game waaaay after its release. In fact, I wrote a post on it here!

Well, this one is fairly recent. Unsatisfied with Ruby, I took on Sapphire with a more serious endeavor. I was pretty lackadaisical with Ruby, so I wanted to give Generation 3 a real try. I mean, sure Luigi came out of Ruby, but I wanted to care about this game. It was a great experience. I tried Pokemon I never used before and it brought in some interesting results as well as a lasting favouruite Pokemon.


You wanna see the team that I am going to pick? Go to my Twitch channel while I am offline. That picture is the team I used and pick. Just for your sake, I will write them here.


Bruce Lee the Blaziken, Aisha the Delcatty, Bugo Ninja the Ninjask, BP the Muk, Felix the Xatu, and France the Lanturn.


Bruce Lee was may starter. I never used the cute Torchic before. I used  Mudkip and my brother was always raving on and on about Sceptile so I wanted to change things up and return to my fire roots and go with Torchic. Bruce Lee proved to be a heck of a fighter, Blaze Kicking everything to oblivion. He was a fantastic fighter and I wish I could have sent him to Platinum. Alas, he is stuck in emulator land.

Aisha was a little Skitty that I just wanted to have along because Skitty is cute. Right? Right. I didn’t know how useful she’d be with attract stopping all the male Pokemon in their tracks. She also did this. That alone could win her the MVP.

Bugo Ninja. If there was ever a more useless Pokemon than Dud, he would be it. God…dang it Bugo Ninja. You did one thing right and that was sacrifice yourself so I could revive Bruce Lee.

BP was cool. I never used a Muk before and BP was sorta useful. He wasn’t exactly the best fighter, but he had poison moves that helped me out a lot.

Felix had a lot of potential to be cool, but he didn’t do a whole lot when the time called for him. Unlike Anthony, who worked really well in a pinch, Felix hardly did anything when I needed him most. He was, however, pretty good overall.

France was the last Pokemon I added to the team and therefore the weakest. He had huge potential and he did sometimes come through. He mostly fainted, but if this had been a physical game, I would have sent him to Platinum and he would have really shined there.


MVP… tough call but I’m going with Bruce Lee. He was overall the best. Aisha was really freaking good, but very situational. Bruce Lee toppled foes much like Luigi and Flame.


Pokemon Platinum

I owe this game. I owe it so much. After Ruby, I was disenchanted with Pokemon. It was the end of the road. Then, I put on the Pokemon cartoon show and saw something really cool. There was this gym leader and he had a son. His son had a spear dinosaur and the father had a shield dinosaur. They were awesome. I was more interested in the shield, Bastiodon. My brother, who was still very much into the games, had Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Platinum. After watching the cartoon, I asked him which I should get. He told me about Platinum and I went out and bought it. Now, I was still on edge about Pokemon and was growing tired of the new ones. I thought they were dumb, so to insure my interest, he got me a bunch of eggs for Pokemon I wanted to use. This team would grow to be one of the best Rad crews I would ever have, all getting to level 100.


I didn’t name them this time, but they were still my boys. The Rad Boys. The best of the best fighters.


There was just something about this game that really got to me. Rub was so bland and I just didn’t care. This game was lively and just swept me back into the love I found in Red version. The Pokemon, at first, weren’t all that great, but then I just grew to love them. Piplup, who is in this generation, is by far my most favourite of all time. I blame Dawn’s Piplup from the cartoon, but still.


He is basically me in Pokemon form.


Anyway, the Rad crew in this generation spawned the name “Rad Crew.” They dominated in every fight.


Bastiodon, Steelix, Hitmonchan, Lucario, Bronzong, and Kabutops. This was my steel armada. They were the first crew to help me beat the game, but there was much more than that. After beating the Elite Four, there was the daily Gym Leader battles. I decided to make some changes to the Steel armada later. After I got them to level 100 (well, Bronzong and Kabutops never made it and got placed in the box), I trained others I thought had potential. These guys eventually would make their way to my true Rad crew for this game.


Platinum’s Rad crew

Bastiodon, Steelix, Hitmonchan, Lucario, Aerodactyl, Rapidash.


Bastiodon is what set my interest in motion for Platinum. He was sturdy and took up a similar mantel as Gene did in Ruby. He was my first level 100 in the game. Him and his fellow Steel Armada brothers have really helped make Steel my most favourite type in Pokemon.

Steelix. If there ever was a Pokemon so powerful, so sturdy, and just so amazing, it would be this one here. Steelix was a reluctant addition to the original Steel Armada. I was thinking of Pokemon I wanted to use and because I like Brock, I wanted to try an Onix. My brother told me that Steelix was stronger and I reluctantly went with him. To my surprise, I loved this Pokemon. In fact, depending on the day, I will sometimes say Steelix beats out Feraligatr for Generation 2’s top Pokemon for me. My Steelix had an extremely high defensive stat. Close Combat, one of the stongest fighting moves in the game and which normally would destroy a rock and steel type, hardly hurts this monster. I would laugh as opponents tried to hurt Steelix with their tiny baby moves. If he was around, I think he would sneer with me. Oh yeah, before you think he is an unstoppable tank, he also won the master ribbon in the tough contest. He is like the varsity letterman that not only plays sports, but made valedictorian and class president.

Hitmonchan. If Steelix was the shield, surely Hitmonchan was the sword. Double battles with Hitmonchan and Steelix were probably the most overkill thing I did in the game. Hitmonchan was part fighting and part elemental beast. He would wreck his flying opponents with an Ice Punch and would defend his brothers valiantly in combat.

Lucario was like Hitmonchan’s student. Once I retired Hitmonchan at level 100, Lucario took the mantle as the sword. He was just as good in physical attack as he was with special attack which made him deadly. He served me very well and also helped keep my love of Pokemon alive.

Aerodactyl was not part of the original Steel Armada, but came in because he showed a ton of promise in his vigorous training. He stayed around a long time, due to his ability to fly, but in battle he was quite amazing.

Rapidash. The newest of the Rad Crew, and probably the last of the greats. The rest don’t have the guile as the other graduates, but Rapidash was fast like Luigi and powerful like Flame. He was awesome and I had never really thought about using a Rapidash before.


MVP? I think this was an easy one. Steelix.


Pokemon X

So, the dark times came. Pokemon Black came out and I was excited to try it. Sadly, I hated it. I didn’t even finish it and I have no intentions to ever finish it. I played Soul Silver as well, but got bored of playing it. It wasn’t like Silver with Chomper. No.


So. I had finally gave up on Pokemon.


Then, a shining light. Much like Platinum did for me, Pokemon X and Y showed promise of how expansive Pokemon was. The 3D world was incredible. My friends rushed to it. Dom had Pokemon X and showed me the Mega Charizard. It looked awesome! This hype had ignited my interest in the games again. Still, I was hung up on Platinum. X and Y did not grab my attention like it did. There was no Piplup. There was nothing really that I wanted.


Then I watched my brother play Y. It was interesting and then I decided that I would buy a 3DS to play Animal Crossing and X.


It was great! X was quite fun and almost brought back the love I had for Platinum. The game, sadly, got monotonous after beating the Team Flare base so I lost interest. My team in that game, who are pretty cool, were just not as inspirational as the Steel Armada. They are cool, but not the same.


Lately, I have been back into X. I really am enjoying the online interactions of trading over the Wonder Trade. I am still training my X team who are in the 80’s at the moment, but they deserve a note here.


By the way, Kalos is really awesome. I  am biased because it is very…French. Oui. J’aime le paysage.

Anyway, this crew, who I will nickname The Small Flame, is cool still. I tweaked the final crew a bit to include my newest companion, but I like the original team that helped me beat the Elite Four the best.

Seymour the Dragalge, Sebastian the Clawitzer, El Guapo the Hawlucha, Amelie the Delcatty, Maurice the Mawile, Giles the Gogoat.


Seymour was the latest addition, but he leveled up the fastest. He isn’t all that strong, but takes care of pesky fairy types in a second. I have since sent him to the box in way for Rose, my Gorebyss.

Sebastian was one of the Pokemon I originally wanted for the team. I didn’t really have a vision for my crew in X, but he was there. I thought his name was cool and wanted a cool water type for the squad. He was quite weak, but has really mastered the mantel of utility man. He makes Gene and Bastiodon look less useful. He knows a lot of types of beam moves which get a power kick because of his awesome claw.

El Guapo, originally was a comical Pokemon. I was going to use a Farfetch’d again, but El Guapo’s comic ways turned into downright usefulness. He is a flying and fighting type, learning some really cool moves. Flying Press acts as a flying and fighting move. He ended up being a starter as well as a Pokemon I’d use in a pinch. I truly do think he is super cool. He looks like a luchador which adds to his coolness.

Amelie comes straight out of Aisha’s shadow. In Sapphire, Aisha was my secret weapon that won the game for me. Amelie was here from the beginning, and is currently my strongest fighter. I hardly use her too. She is just there for attracting the opponents, but she is also really strong. Maybe it is my love for El Guapo that prevents me from using her as the lead, but she is just as useful when he eventually faints because, well, he isn’t Steelix…

Maurice was also a late addition. I wanted a steel type, but I didn’t want to use one I already had. Lucario had a mega version and I got really disenchanted by the gimmicky mega evolutions. I also wanted a fairy type Pokemon to try out the new type, but Jigglypuff (my first choice) wasn’t until way later in the game. To avoid another Lanturn incident, I went with Mawile, who is both steel and fairy. Maurice was never the strongest, but he does prove to be a skilled fighter. I would say he is El Guapo’s “left hand man” next t0 either Sebastian or Giles.


Giles is a Gogoat. He started out as a cute lil goat, but got fierce. I kinda like him better as a little goat, but he is still awesome. This is actually one of the first times a grass Pokemon has ever felt good for me. I mean, sure we had Bell, but she never really got strong except against water types. Giles was actually useful throughout the entire game. He had a decent defence, but let me down considerably in the Elite Four.


MVP will go to El Guapo. He is just really good and is a good reminder of how happy I was with Hitmonchan in Platinum.



Wow! That’s all of them! All of the games! Now, to pick the best Pokemon for the Rad Award.


It is a tough choice, but I have to go with Steelix. He is the greatest Pokemon I have ever raised. He can land a heavy hit. He could take a heavy hit. He could make the crowd go wild in contests. He is truly the best all around Pokemon I have ever used. He also really has inspired my love for the steel type. Future Rad crew members, take note of him. This is what you should aspire to be.


Least we forget the others! Flame! The original best. I will never forget him!


In the end, this is just my story. These were my boys.


What makes Pokemon great is that you, the reader, will have your crew. Your boys (or gals). Then, you’ll think of the other readers, and their crew. Then you will think of your friends, and their team. It just keeps expanding and expanding. Pokemon really is a great personal story that is just loved and shared by everyone, worldwide.


For that, I thank you, Pokemon creators. Here’s to 20 years.


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