Game Log: American Truck Simulator- Day 8 & 8.5

Well, the game is still quite fun despite me pretty much discovering everything available.  These posts will probably dwindle to a halt until something new happens in the game because I really can’t say all that much other than “I did a good job today!” or “I sucked hardcore in parking!”


Day 8

In light of my terrible Grim Fandango stream, I played American Truck Simulator to make me feel better. The driving itself was pretty good, but I wasn’t really in the mood to play all that long.


I continued trying the W900. I got a little better with the backing up part. It is still quite hard with the exhaust stacks in the way, but I managed. To break the chain of me only using the W900, I moved to the Peterbilt I rather liked. The driving went very well. I got to the delivery port and it was quite odd. I have never had to deliver in this type of location before, but it was no problem. Instead of me trying to change directions in the small area of the depot, I backed the truck up to hit the main road again. I then went forward so the back of the trailer was perpendicular to the delivery area. I then had to maneuver the truck past a small wall that was jutting out slightly and then back into the delivery area. It took me 2 tries to line it up perfectly, but I had no trouble once I got the trailer into the depot area. I am going to try this technique at the gas station next time I have to deliver there. With that method, it should be easier because the gas station doesn’t have a wall jutting out to block the main delivery area. It is just small and open. I think I can attempt the gas station again. My only problem with the gas station is that the propane or whatever trailers feel longer and therefore harder to control.


I got another achievement which is easy to get because it mainly requires you to play the game. It was to get over 100,000 dollars for deliveries. It is simple really. Anyone that plays the game for more than a few hours will get this. I then decided to get a few more achievements.


I saved and then went to the truck dealership to buy a truck for that achievement. I purchased a W900, but I was pleasantly surprised that the base W900’s exhaust stacks are slimmer and I could see past them when backing up the truck. I wonder if I can find a quick job that uses the base model?


I then went for another achievement to create a custom paint job on a truck I owned so I coloured the W900 pink. Why pink? I don’t know. I just picked the red and the white. It made pink. It still looked awesome. Also! I saw a real life W900 on the road the other day and guess what? It was pink. Is this an omen? I think it is. I think I am destined to have a pink W900.


I then decided that maybe I want to buy a truck in the game. Maybe the W900 isn’t such a bad truck to have. I love the power and how huge it is. I can master it like a wild mustang! The only problem with the W900 is that the steampunk colours do not work on it. They only work on the original Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks. It is a shame, but I can see it being added.


Now that I’ve considered the pink W900, maybe the steampunk colours aren’t really holding me back anymore. I can always buy a second truck later and give it steampunk colours. Yeah! For sure!


Bonus day!

Day 8.5

I was not driving this day. Nope. Today was my Queen’s first day behind the wheel of American Truck Simulator. She picked a cool looking woman with sunglasses on. She kinda reminded me of the main character of Mirror’s Edge actually. She picked San Francisco as her HQ and named her company…Iron Leo. What the heck?! That’s hardly different from my company. Fine. It can be one of our joint ventures or something.


Anyway, she picked the original Kenworth design and her first job was to deliver a sort of shed to a place. She started off pretty well, though her first turn onto the road was a bit shaky. She turned into the oncoming lane, but quickly corrected herself. She got to the delivery point where she picked the medium version of parking. All she had to do was pull up to the wall in the port, but didn’t angle the turn in correctly so it caused problems. She eventually got it after crashing into the wall once on accident.


Her second job was to San Rafael. She got to drive on the Golden Gate Bridge which was awesome to see! Her driving improved greatly this time, except one small problem where she went too fast on a curve and drove off the road and crashed into a median. The damage wasn’t too high and she managed to get back on the road with no problem.


When she reached the delivery point, she looked at it and decided it was too hard and wanted to use the skip option. I took the wheel and picked the “hard” option. This place was actually one of the easiest delivery points I’ve seen. There was a road around the building and a garage with two entrances. I drove around the building and drove through the garage to the delivery point. It was similar to the medium option, but I had a much more confined area to pull into because of the garage.


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