MNA: Gym Post 2

I’m pretty angry right now.

Today was a sign that less freezing weather is coming soon. I like the cold, but I’ve been looking forward to going out and playing football again. I deceided to go to the park where I play, but there were so many people there. They were all practicing too and they looked pretty good so I left. The nets weren’t set up either so it would have been pointless staying anyway. I would have had to practice footwork, but not today. I like a net as a buffer so I can organize my crosses.

I went to the gym instead. Writing my crappy encounter made me feel better.

I almost never come here on Sunday. The gym itself isn’t packed, but they have some peewee American handegg crap class going on outside where they have turf so the lot is pretty full.

I’m just biking at the moment. I’ll go lift after I’m done this post. I want to see how my Hulk mode will work as I’ve never done lifting while angry.

Why do people always wanna organize events where they take up so much space from the public? What if I wanted to use the turf today because its lined and I could work on dribbling skills? I guess they don’t care. I wouldn’t either if I was the management. The gym is in dire shape. A ton of equipment is broken and the word in the lockeroom is that a lot of people hate it here because of how crappy the place looks. I can sympathize. There’s hardly any lights on in here and everything is so grungy looking. I still think it is good here. They have a lot of equipment, albeit a lot of it is broken. The staff is hit or miss. The main guy brings his dog to work and tries to keep it from running around the gym. The rest just don’t care about the main population and focus on their “big boys” aka the buff ones that wear the equipment down so they break.

I saw one of the big guys try and modify a weight stack even though every machine says “do not try and modify the weights.”

I guess he has more brawn than brains.

It’s going to be okay. I’ve been feeling odd lately. My defeatism has been pushing its way up in my brain. It sucks.

I just need to relax. Gotta get a grip.


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