Game Log: American Truck Simulator- Days 5, 6, and 7

Sorry I’m doing multiple days. You see, as I play the game, there’s fewer and fewer new things I have to talk about so that means shorter posts.


We will start with a nice heading.

Day 5

Day 5 is a short day because it was a really, really bad day. I was doing a few jobs to finish off the do jobs for 15 companies achievement, but I was driving terribly. I kept over/under estimating turns and wrecking my truck or trailer. It was really discouraging so as soon as I did the last two jobs for the companies, I called it a day and switched to a different game. I did get the achievement!


Day 6

Day 6 was much better. I took a few days off of American Truck Simulator to go onto Euro Truck Simulator 2. I was having a good time there and really saw the difference between the monster sized American trucks and the much more agile trucks in Europe. I really wanted to get back into driving my trucks in America so I fought back with some determination. I really wanted to get really darn good at backing in with the trailer so I decided that I didn’t care about immersion and swapped the camera to overhead mode. I only do it for the tight corners, because man, there are some tight corners. One place is a 90 degree turn, backwards. It is tough, but I think I’ll get it. I am constantly thinking about how to back in when I’m not playing the game. I’m being serious. I am always thinking of new ways where maybe if I go left instead of directly to the delivery point that I might find more room. I have to give real truck drivers credit. If real life is anywhere near as hard as this (which I’m sure it is harder since ramming a truck against a wall causes real damage) then they must have serious skills.

I did a bunch of jobs really well. I decided that since I finished finding all the cities in California, that I should start looking at Nevada. I went from Reno to Elko. Things were going well until I just arrived in Elko. There was a railroad crossing an the lights were flashing. I was close enough and going too fast to stop immediately, so I just went ahead to cross it. The game must have put an invisible wall like Mr. Mime and I crashed right into it going about 60 miles per hour. That really wrecked my truck. I had a “See Service” light on. This was going to eat into my profits by a lot. It really did. I think I made barely $100 dollars on that job. Thanks a lot, railroad crossing thing.

Day 7

Again, I went back to Euro Truck for a while because I was still pretty peeved about the whole Railroad incident. Then, after work that day I saw something amazing. They were finally adding a new Kenworth truck in the game. They wanted to have this truck at launch, but they were having problems with the negotiation. It is no problem now because the Kenworth W900 is now here! I did a quick job with the previous model Kenworth just to hustle along the quick jobs so the new Kenworth would be a choice.


What I noticed instantly was this truck is huge. I knew the front of the truck was going to stick out, but it wasn’t until I started driving it that I saw just how long it was. That’s my problem with trucks in this game. The length of the cabin and the trailers are much longer than Euro Truck. This is why I think I’m having a hard time turning and backing into places.


Anyway, this truck is loud. The engine just sounds powerful. I was greeted with a low hum of it as I went through Nevada. This time I was heading to a place called Jackpot. Yep. It is a real place.


The turning on this truck was similar to the others in the game, but I think I have to make my turns a bit earlier to compensate for the long front. The truck is pretty fast too, but I think it was just that the quick job’s version was upgraded.


Eventually, I made it to the delivery point. This one was fairly easy to back in, but the W900 has a huge problem for me. The two exhaust pipes in the back make it pretty much impossible to look out the window.  The only thing I see is the pipe. I have to rely on the side mirrors, which isn’t a huge problem. It is just inconvenient.


Needless to say, my first time backing into the delivery point was a disaster.


I though about giving up on the truck so I swapped back to the Peterbilt I’ve been favouring lately. After that job, I decided to go back to the W900 and try again. The backing in went a lot better because I decided to swap to the the overhead camera. Feeling like a chump, I decided to do one last delivery with the W900, but this time without the overhead. I went to a fairly familiar place. It was the Walberts or whatever, but it wasn’t their corner store where I have to back in around a curve. This time I went to their big store or whatever. It was like my first job when I started the game. I didn’t even go into overhead view and backed in pretty darn perfectly. It took me one additional try to straighten out, but that’s expected. I was pretty darn happy with myself.

I finished seeing all of the cities in Nevada and therefore that’s all the cities in the base game. I’m still doing quick jobs until I’m very certain which truck I want. I’m liking the W900, but I don’t know if I’m in love with it yet. There’s a new Peterbilt in negotiations still and I have not given up hope on a Mack yet.

Please, please, please add a Mack Titan or a Mack Pinnacle, SCS. I would be so very happy with those two.


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