5 Years Of Rad Blogging !?#

Bing bada BOOM! Rad Blog!

5 years baaaaaaaaaaay-beeeeeeeeeee BUZZ!


5 whole years of Rad Blogging. Man, this blog is the best freaking thing in my entire life. I’m sorry my Queen and everything else, but this Rad Blog has been my life’s work. When I say “life’s work” I mean it is the closest thing to me, because as I always say, it is me. This is how I perceive the world and how I thing the world sees me. This is 5 years of me. 5 years of Chas Rad. 5 years of the Rad Blog.


I’m reading Year 4’s posts and it is just as optimistic as it should be. Year 4, I am happy to let you know that things are absolutely better. I’m gonna continue the tradition of me defining the years set by Year 4 Chas.


Year 1: Bold and new. Full of excitement from the ups and downs of life.

Year 2: Flying high with the final years of school, yet scared beyond belief for the future.

Year 3: The future is dark and terrible. Everything I feared happened.

Year 4: The darkness isn’t so bad, but why is it so freakin dark?

Year 5: I can almost see light, I think. Wait, who’s foot is that?


Seriously, I have done a lot this year. This is the year of trying new things.


Year 4 wanted Year 5 to be more comedic. Sorry, Year 4. I went in a different direction. I’m less comedic and more, well, me. I’m not trying to be something else. I’ve found my niche or whatever in writing here. I’ve used the Rad Blog less as a place to write about my feelings and more of a place to write about what interests me. I think that’s really helped the Rad Blog grow because man, this was our highest viewed year yet. Dang, man.




Year 4 Chas complained about the stats being changed. Year 5 Chas complains that they changed them yet again along with the post layout. It is bloody awful, but thankfully they kept they older layouts but they require some digging to find.


Anyway, stats!


Comments! They haven’t really changed since the top people that leave comments haven’t really left any.


Oh never mind. Gordon made a lot more comments than last year.


So, Kenny is still first and somehow lost a comment from last year? I’m second with a gain of 17 comments! Woo! Stitch is in third with no gain or loss in comments. Gordon now moves up a rank and passes Katie in fourth with a gain of 14 comments. Katie moves down to fifth with a gain of 1 comment. Art stays in sixth with a gain of 1 comment. Jenna is in seventh with no gain or loss!


I know these are the top commented people, but I saw a huge rise in comments with me doing daily prompts and stuff. We saw Sockman come in with a few comments. We saw Fico comment a bit. We also saw some other people like Judy and Jacqueline comment. Good show!


Huh. I guess it wasn’t huge. We only had 75 comments in Year 5. Compared to Year 4, that’s less. Year 4 had 108. So far, we have 2  for Year 6, but let’s get there when we get there.

The best day ever is still the same. Maybe one day we’ll get 300 views. That would be totally rad instead of that stupid infamous day.


Post count. This post will make it 989. Year 4 was at 770.  I did better this year! I got 219 posts! That’s substantial compared to a drop of 9 from Year 3 to Year 4. Year 4 to Year 5 saw a jump of 69 posts! Good work, me! I hope to jump this number again come next year.


Total views, as of today and right now, is 33,385. Wow! I had 23,794 in Year 4. I was hoping to get it to 25k views in Year 5. Well, Past Chas, we freaking jumped almost 10k views. That’s awesome. This is exactly why I love these year in review posts.


So, uh, I did go back to YouTube, sorta. Year 4 was against it, but YouTube is trying to make amends with comments and stuff so I made a few videos here and there. I’ve mostly been streaming so I don’t even bother with YouTube. Currently, I can’t approve my comment right now for whatever reason. Stupid YouTube.


Uh, so I guess Year 4 Chas didn’t take into account how big the Drink Reactions would be. He didn’t mention them so far. He was talking about stories which I completely scrapped. I’m trying to do new things with the Game Logs. I wonder if that will continue. Future Chas will know!


Let’s see my answers from Year 4!


How’s the Queen? Fine, I’m hoping.

If nothing else, the same as last year. She’s working hard in school, which you are really proud of and can’t wait to start your life together.

Ooh Year 4 Chas! You’re happy to say that you and her are starting it now! You made a half way across the country trip (AKA 2 days of driving on highways) and she is here! You actually go home to her now. Read that again. HOME to HER. Not home to go see her. No. You go home and she’s there on the couch, probably playing Animal Crossing or watching Criminal Minds. Amazing feeling that.


That’s awesome! My favourite games changed! I guess I wasn’t into Payday 2 at that moment nor Trucking. You’re missing out, Year 4 Chas.


Hah! I still had faith in Aston Villa. How misguided are you?


Good questions and answers!


Oh! WordPress just gave me a notification on my 5 Years of Blogging. Thanks WordPress. You know me well.


So, let’s look at Year 4’s questions to me! I wanna answer them.


Are you full time anywhere yet?

No, not yet. Still looking, but you had an awesome experience in Accounts Payable (I bet you REALLY didn’t see that coming) and now work at the print shop.

Did you finally move in with the Queen for the summer? It looks like it should happen.

No. That didn’t happen. We ended up getting a hotel room for a few weeks, but I’m happy to say that you and her pretty much live together. You both need jobs and a place to call your own now.

So, which great games came out that you played?

American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and Payday 2 are what you play now. American Truck Simulator is the only new one.

Did Villa get relegated? Is Paul Lambert in charge still? Please, Maker, say he isn’t.

Who cares? Villa are absolute garbage. The future is Leicester City. Lambert is now in charge of Blackburn Rovers or something. Everything Aston Villa wore you down, so you did the healthy thing and put your support on a team that actually cares about how they play.

Did you get a tattoo?


Any new friends?


You alive? I’m gonna ask this each year.

Last time I checked!

How’s the Queen?

She is better now that school is done, but there’s the new stress of finding a job. You understand it well because, well, read anything from Year 3 Chas. I have full faith in her. She will find something and I think the economy is doing slightly better. Not much, but slightly.

What was the best thing you did this year?

I would say moving the Queen here to Jersey. We got to eat at an awesome place with really, really good crepes. Also, your French is improving as well as your signing.

Is Shaq Fu Punch out yet? You’ll probably link the reviews if it is.

SUPER RAD SUPLEX. Here’s a bonus too.

How’s Reaper doing? I hope you didn’t destroy this computer.

He’s fine! Great computer. Good investment. Now, watch as I say this he breaks down.

Honestly, do you have a career direction yet? That’s been my biggest downfall.

Nope! Not really a downfall because I’ve stopped caring at this point. I figure whatever my career is will just come to me. I’ve been getting more and more into French and trucks so maybe I have a promising career at Renault. Who knows?

Tell me a joke.

What’s a pirates favourite letter?

You’d think it was R, but it is the C that’s his first love. It is more funny if I type R as “arr” and C as “sea.”

Last question: if everything failed, what’s the plan of action?

Nothing has failed. I’m doing fine. The plan of action is to stop bloody planning. That’s not existential enough. I kinda went back to my roots of just taking things day by day because I was doing a lot better when I was thinking more existentially.


These questions sucked! I’m sorry. They were very generic. That’s probably due to me not doing so much last year. Don’t worry, I have better questions this year.


Also, nothing about music? That makes me sad! I could have went on a tirade of how Grooveshark got shut down and now I have to use crappy Spotify.


Anyway, questions



Are you alive? Just to get this one out of the way.

What’s your job looking like these days?

Still playing Payday 2? What’s the latest DLC if you still follow it?

Did you find a place yet with the Queen?

Did she find a job?

What new bands/artists are you listening to these days? I’ve been into MF DOOM, J Dilla, and Foxy Shazam.

How’s the Drink Reactions? Year 4 must have not done them yet or at least didn’t care as much as I do right now.

How’s your life on Neoseeker?

Who are the current villagers in Rad City? Right now, starting with closest to your house, is Mitzi, Cherry, Grizzly, Barold, Pippy, Sparro, Freckles, Hippeux, Kid Cat, and Chester.

What’s the most notable thing you did this year?’

Last one, I started going to a gym this year. Did you continue it?



That’s it! See ya next year! Year 5 Chas is nothing more than Past Chas as soon as I hit the “upload” button. Final thoughts? It has been a pretty good year. This year I did a bunch of stuff too. I was pretty active. Let’s make Year 6 even better, ya?


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