Game Log: American Truck Simulator- Day 3 and 4

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I’m putting 3 and 4 together since Day 3 wasn’t really eventful.


Let’s start with Day 3.  During that day, I was trying to write an achievement guide. I wasn’t really playing it other than to confirm some places. I went to Oakland and San Fransisco just to see if the two places I thought were ports were actually ports. They were. Delivering to a port is pretty cool. I got to drive around a ship yard, but man was the backing in difficult at San Fransisco. It was in a little warehouse with very little room for error. I ended up crashing a lot.

Compared to San Fransisco, Oakland was a walk in the park. I basically had a ton of space where I could straighten out my trailer and just go in reveres to the spot I was supposed to be. Night and day with those two.


I think on Day 3, I also did a delivery for this road construction. I really thought that was cool because they didn’t have that in Euro Truck 2. Every delivery in that game was to a business. On this delivery, I had telephone wire and I drove it to this side of the road construction site. There were construction dudes digging with shovels and stuff. The parking was easy as the road was closed and there was a bunch of space for me to straighten out my trailer. I just liked it for the uniqueness.


Day 4 was more eventful. Now that I had my achievement guide, I was ready to go hunting. Most of the achievements in the game are progress-based so I was focusing on two of the more specific achievements. One of them is to deliver cargo from the vineyards in the game and the other is to do a job for 15 of the in-game companies.


I started off trying to complete another achievement called “California Dreamn'” where I had to discover every city in California that the game has available. I only had two left, so that went quickly. I noticed that the northern most city had street signs for cities in Oregon so I guess they’ll be adding that one day. I’d like to see Seattle too. If they add Oregon, why not Washington?


At this point, I have 10 of the 15 companies done. Most of these were done from me just playing the game. I now am trying to figure which companies I haven’t done jobs for yet. When I say “do a job for” I mean that I start there. It doesn’t count places where I deliver to as part of this achievement.


I noticed I didn’t do any of the vineyards so I decided to knock that achievement out while gaining the vineyard as my number 11. I mostly sent fruit to grocery stores. One of the vineyards in San Rafael sent me to San Fransisco where it took me on the Golden Gate Bridge. This was a fantastic site. I absolutely loved seeing the bridge in the game. There were cool looking biplanes flying around it too. I think I hit the bridge around 8 AM in-game time so the sunrise was fantastic. I kinda wanna keep doing jobs from San Rafael to San Fransisco just to travel on it. I really wanna see it at night.


I’ve been getting really darn good at parking. There’s these odd grocery store things that make me back into a really small area in the shape of a “U.” On the left side of the “U” is where I have to park the trailer while on the right side is where the check in thing is located. I think I will use this knowledge and experience now on the gas station which is slightly similar.


I also have been using a lot of Peterbilt trucks. I found this bigger one quite favourable. I really liked how it handled even though it was larger. I might end up buying it, but I need to be a higher level.


I read today that they are going to add a new Kenworth truck in the game really soon so I will hold off on buying a truck for now. They are also adding the Steampunk paint jobs today so I will have to see if I got mine. I wanna use it soon because it looks awesome. It was one of the main reasons I bought the game on day one as well. It was exclusive. I’m glad I have it or rather will have access to it. They haven’t added the Steampunk paint jobs to everyone just yet, but I usually check my computer around 9 PM so maybe I’ll have it by then. If not, I don’t really care because I’m in no hurry to paint a truck I don’t have yet and I have good faith in SCS.


I’m at 13 of 15 companies now as of the end of Day 4. I have an idea which 2 companies I need to do a job for, but I’m not 100% sure. I’ll see soon enough!


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